Trending: Guest Blogging

Trending: Guest Blogging

Summary: Guest Posting/Guest Blogging has emerged as the newest concept during the decade that went by. Everybody wants to flourish their blogs by driving more traffic and engaging in certain other stuff than blogging. But let me tell you, your aim should not be concentrated on just driving traffic to your blog. Popularity and reputation don’t come in a single day.

Hence, you must be focused on spreading knowledge through your blogs to the wider audience out there. If your writing style & your niche interests them, they would definitely be drawn to read more. So, why not start it today by contributing write-ups to other blogs as well through a method called Guest Posting?

So! You’re a budding writer & want to grow the audience from your blog rapidly? Dude, it is not possible to jump to the destination directly without enjoying the journey! Remember the rabbit & the tortoise race taught in primary classes: Slow and steady wins the race. Thus, you too need to follow small methods first to build your reputation in the writing community.

Moreover, writing isn’t any destination…it is the journey itself. You don’t have to stop anywhere to prove your niche. You just have to let your heart flow through pen and paper.

One such method is Guest Posting, through which you could gain popularity if done sincerely. Guest posting is contributing your posts/ write-ups to someone else’s blogs, as a guest. It is a valuable tool for establishing your niche, as in, getting your brand mentioned or occupying brand-related search query results.

Though it may seem feckless to waste time writing articles for someone else’s website when you could utilize that time to build your own blog. But trust me, guest posting is no waste of time & is actually quite fun. The opportunities that it drives to you could be monumental for your growth (like SEO & leads)


Why is Guest Posting so much in trend?

It is trendy because of the benefits it incorporates. Many people view other blogging websites as their competitors, but a wise author doesn’t think that way. His main aim isn’t only limited to gain an audience. He thinks with far-sightedness that investing in today would bear fruits tomorrow. That’s why most people choose Guest Posting.

  • It introduces the Blogger to a new audience- there might be many readers who could be unaware of your budding blog. After all, people are bound to see only those web pages which rank higher on Google. Hence, guest blogging could prove to be a great feature here. It creates brand awareness among potential audiences. Later, when they drive back to your blog, it is called referral traffic.
  • Display your depth of knowledge- building brand authority goes alongside building the trust of the audience. If you produce quality content on your website, your new audience would feel fresh in coming back to you through guest blogging.
  • More site visits- when your article goes live on another website, it helps in increasing your traffic depending on the site’s popularity. Thus, your blog gets more site visits, which in turn helps in increasing the google rank.
  • Free backlinks- as you may have heard backlinks are the spinal cord of SEO because they help in achieving higher Google ranks. The maximum backlinks your website has, the higher Google will rank it. Indulging in guest posting allows getting backlinks.
  • Symbiotic relationship- not only does guest blogging benefits the writer but also the host of another website. It helps the host to highlight different blogs on trending topics on their own website. It gives them fresh social media exposure & access to free content. Thus, it forms a mutually benefitting relationship for both the parties involved.

Steps to get the outreach:

The game of blogging is quite large & wide, thus, it is important to follow the correct path. Getting outreach for guest posting isn’t easy because as a budding writer, you have to undergo the process of thorough research about the blogging sites.

Your research should be based on the following concepts:

  • Google rank- how good their own google rank is
  • SEO tools- whether or not they use proper SEO tools because, in the long run, it is going to benefit you.
  • Google Analytics



Now, comes the most important thing of actually getting into Guest Posting:

  • Conduct research based on the google rank of various pages for guest posting.
  • Analyze your favorite guest posting agencies which are popular enough to drive an audience.
  • Make sure they accept guest posting offers in your genre/niche.
  • Check out a few blogs of their own website before submitting your own. Find out whether they are compatible in taking blogs of your interest.
  • Do pattern study- find out about the type of audience their website has; what interests them.
  • Build a good relationship with the host before pitching your guest post.
  • Look out for their social media handles. Research about their reach adequacy & activeness on social media.

Time to pitch in your post:

Before you actually sort out a few guest posting companies, make sure you come to understandable terms with the host website. Tell them about the mutual benefits they will get when they allow you to be a guest on their blog.

Praise their content and the diversity of their website too. Don’t dive into your purpose directly. Be welcoming. Promote their content on your social handles as well.

Your host needs to say ‘yes’ without fail, thus, your workload has increased. You need to send a surprisingly unique post to pitch your offer. Send them proof if they want to judge your content, beforehand.

Be an all-rounder. Think of different angles to include in your content. Take any tending keywords and carve your content around it. Be optimistic as well as a problem solver. Remember to write the content for the long run so that readers may get attracted to your website again & again.

Be genuine in your content as well as your approach. You are not writing for yourself but for their audience. Make sure that your content appears fresh and unique to them. Try writing ‘for them’ around the topics of their interests, giving a subtle touch of your niche.

You are doing guest posting for sharing genuine information and not just for referral traffic. This point should reflect in the article you create. Hence, stay away from websites with bad links.


Be clear about your approach to the host. Genuinely state what you want from them without diverting from the topic. Send unique email outreach to different bloggers, this will show that you’re not just copy-pasting content but actually reading their blog, to pitch in your desire.

Your responsibility doesn’t end after sending them your content. For getting desired results, you need to keep an eye on the Analytics of their blog. Review the traffic that draws to your post, the number of times it was liked and shared. Also, observe the promotion of your website on their handles.

Include a feedback option at the end of your post so that it is open for your new readers to give constructive criticism.

At the end of the day, guest blogging is a really good way of content marketing on the internet. It could actually help your blog grow if you connect with the right people and with the right approach. If you want an established name in the community, your blogs should really stand out from the crowd. You’re allowed to make mistakes the first few times but make sure not to repeat them again. Because for you, it might be just one email but for the host blogger, it might be one-hundredth in their chatbox. To personalize your pitch but don’t be assertive.

Good luck, happy blogging!

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