Website design & graphic design effective For Your Business

Website design & graphic design effective For Your Business

Website design plays an important role in making your web page look great, precise and worth achieving high ranks.

In a professional world, people don’t understand the difference between the roles performed by the graphics and the website designer.

Although both rely on each other with regard to a successful web project, often conflicts arise between the two professions. For an example; a graphic designer may think the website designer hasn’t fulfilled the standards of the potential website that can carry their quality graphic designing works, on another side, a web designer could fail to make the graphic designer understand the restrictions in designing the website.

The main difference between the two roles is the medium. A graphic designer professional has more freedom in dressing the idea whereas, a web designer has to restrict themselves with regard to the programming, resolution, and speed. A web design professional has to maintain a good design along with speed and the efficiency for the web. Web designing needs to load the file size and make it run efficiently along with screen resolution, speed, and performance.

This is the main reason, web designers use compressed graphics that can cost the speed of the website. Although, factors like typography, graphic creations etc are the same in the website design as that of graphic design differentiated only by the world, wide, web factor.

Website designing is done for getting the proper website information and understand the information hierarchy. An appropriate web designing helps in getting the best user experience through the following principles:-

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Emphasis
  • Consistency
  • Unity

There is another big factor responsible for the right branding of your online business. Your website relies on noticeable “graphic design” that fills the effective matter of your valuable website.

There are some important factors necessary to understand graphic design:-

  • Website design and graphic design are often confused as the same factor. Whereas, Both are different and serve unique purposes.
  • Graphic designs are commonly used for giving a shape to the idea of your website through creating graphics, typography, and images.
  • Unlike website design, graphic design does not do any programming and helps in publishing brochures and branding materials.
  • Graphic designing is responsible for print purposes such as typography and image printing in the printing process followed by web projects to build digital graphics.
  • Graphic designing follows the motto of branding the idea for the project and the use of world, wide, web is even more effective in presenting the idea as the web designer do.

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