WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Business Promotion

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Business Promotion

Make an engaging brand persona

The primary approach to the usage of marketing through WhatsApp for the promotion of your business is to create and customize an attractive brand persona. Since you intend to use WhatsApp as a tool to reach out to your customers, they should be able to pick out your brand easily and quickly. You should even create an engaging brand persona that represents your brand with its WhatsApp number. People don’t even like to chat with unknown enterprise names.

Offer Great Value to build a phone database


Bulk Whatsapp Sender will remain advertisement free, and hence in order to build a base of users, you need to offer them something of value in exchange for their phone number. This can be a freebie, promotion, valuable information, or a free service.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender

A great example of this is the Delhi police. Realizing the popularity and ease of WhatsApp, they even decided to create an anti-corruption of WhatsApp Number, while placing it on all their traditional print and outdoor messaging. All users had to do was to send in images or videos of policemen not doing their duty or taking bribes. On the launch day itself, 23000 WhatsApp messages came in, which takes the police by surprise and lead to the booking of 6 policemen on charges. As a bonus, the police get a database of thousands of citizens of mobile numbers as well.

Another example comes from the Hellman’s, which is a Unilever Mayonnaise brand which wanted to grow the usage of its product in new dishes in Brazil. So, it provided consumers with a WhatsApp like called WhatsCook, where they could ask the professional’s chef’s questions, share videos of cooking, all the time building a database of mobile numbers.

Deliver Speedy Customer Service

Deliver Speedy Customer Service

WhatsApp has a 70% off the opening rate, which means that you are almost guaranteed the exposure of your messages if your customer is on WhatsApp with you.

With the help of this, Banco Santander Bank has created with an Open Bank, a WhatsApp customer service number where you can chat with the ban, post queries and solve issues. In the test pilot program done with around 1700 customers, 99% of the customers found the service very useful, and 98% revealed that they would continue to use it.

Reliance Brand, which handles the luxury brands like the Zegna, Diesel and Kenneth Cole in India, provides customers with the choice of remaining engaged with the brand through the WhatsApp. Consumers lapped it up, finding out about the promotions, new launches, and getting the brand information like the videos and pictures. In some of the cases, the conversion rate of consumers who were on the brands WhatsApp list was as high as around 90%.

Market survey and feedback

Customer Survey

WhatsApp marketing software makes you way easy to draw customer for their valuable feedback after completing the deal. Moreover, you will get a direct response from your customers, which will help to improve transparency. Additionally, the group discussions with the suppliers, customers, employees can be possible on time. Such activities generate a bunch of feedback and suggestions. With the feedback you collected, you can even respond to their demands and endorse the products and services you render. By developing an entertaining and creative questionnaire, you can interact with your customers.

Consumer Research

WhatsApp has so far not been used extensively for research but provides with an easy to use, quick and inexpensive platform to run some of the quick research. You can ask the users about the flavors they like, ask them to choose between the options the brand is proposing to launch, among other things. Also, WhatsApp is highly relevant for conducting some quick discussion internally within your company.

Just make sure that spamming unknown people on WhatsApp is unethical, unacceptable and not effective. Instead use the framework of persona, a great value exchange, customer service, and content to generate the leads and sales with the help of WhatsApp.

To Sum Up

WhatsApp has great potential to benefit any business. Moreover, it works exceptionally well for the businesses that have an international customer base. So, if you have an international base of clients, you could potentially grow that niche by interacting with them efficiently with the help of WhatsApp.

Author Bio: Sawailal Jangid is Digital Marketing Executive and Content Analyst at SotwareSuggest. He do researches and analyzes software to educate and advice to the business managers to streamline their business. In spare time he loves to do sports activities.

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