10 Common Questions Asked by Aspiring Merchant Navy Professionals

10 Common Questions Asked by Aspiring Merchant Navy Professionals

Choosing Navy life and career onboard is not an easy task. Additionally, most of the information and etiquette followed by the merchant navy stays carefully packed to their circle only. This does not generate a keen curiosity about the profession but also beget several doubts.

Here are ten most viable doubts regarding the choice of being a naval officer and opting for Marine Engineering Courses:

Can a person with a tattoo be eligible for joining the merchant navy?

Yes, the merchant navy has no restrictions regarding tattoos or piercings. In fact, sailors and cadets are known for their mixed culture tattoos and other quirky style statements. The only thing to keep in mind is that your symbols are not offensive or affecting the discipline.

Can a person with color blindness join the merchant navy?

No, a person having color blindness cannot be a naval officer. The merchant navy requires people with a sharp eye with distinguished knowledge of color, and it’s a mandatory eligibility criterion.

The difficulty level of Pre sea training and exams

The difficulty level of these exams and pre-sea training are as high as any engineering test. You have to train yourself for thorough practice and disciplined behavior to obtain the CoC.

College life during the pre-sea training 

College life for students opting for marine engineering courses is enjoyable and fun. But, if you are looking for some gala time and frequent trips, you are mistaken. In college, you will be trained in all the merchant navy disciplines and hence, won’t be getting the jovial time as regular engineering students.

Does the work start after college?

No, after finishing marine colleges in India both Deck, as well as engineer cadets, have to serve their training sea-time period onboard. After that, they will be eligible to take their CoC (Certificate of Competency) exams conducted by MMD India.

How hard is it to bag a job?

The last decade has seen a gloomy economic downfall in the marine sector. However, the job sector in this field has been established by now. There are companies who are still hiring deck cadets and trainees from Marine Colleges in India on full in-house time funding basis and half time basis.

How rapid is the career graph?

The career graph depends solely upon the individual merits of the cadet engineers. However, it also depends upon the company you’re associated with. Also, newcomers from Marine Engineering Courses must bear this in mind that the promotions are based upon their higher training and certificate of Competency under appropriate circumstances.

Type of work

After getting through their merchant navy courses, the engineer cadets are given training on board to assist the higher officials. The DTO(Designated Training Officer ) would provide them with the task assigned.

Are they allowed to roam around the seaports?

Yes, the boarders are allowed to go out in their allotted free time. If they wish to roam around the port, they issue a special shore pass to frequent the port.

Modes of entertainment onboard

Gone are the days when ships used to have zero means of enjoyment or communication. The present scenario is that cabins are provided with a full-fledged TV and music system along with some modern facilities such as a gym, sports arenas, libraries, restaurants, swimming pools, and whatnot.

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