10 Things You Will Never Hear At the University Of Alabama

10 Things You Will Never Hear At the University Of Alabama

Even years after graduating from the University, a lot of students can be quite sensitive about trivial matters when it comes to their old college. The life at Alabama University College is quite grand in itself, and students who live in their dormitories and hostels are the ones who genuinely miss the college family. However, if you are planning to study at the University of Alabama or apply as a professor, there are things you won’t hear within the college premises or maybe beyond:

  1. “War Eagle”
    You might face serious charges if someone catches you saying this as this is a serious offense because the University of Alabama takes its sports pretty seriously. Their most celebrated game is soccer or what you may know as football. The University is not in accord with its rival team, the University of Auburn. The battle cry on the side of Auburn is “War Eagle.” So whenever you say something like “War Eagle,” it would mean that you are going against your fraternity.
  2. You Won’t Hear “NO” For T-Shirt Tuesdays.
    Tuesdays are like Sundays at the University of Alabama, and no matter how the weekends may feel like it can never take away the charm of the Tuesdays. You can do whatever you want on Tuesdays, and you might happen to see faculty members at Karaoke bars and cheap drink stalls. The best thing about Tuesdays is going to Harry’s for T-shirt Tuesdays, which completes the week.
  3. “I Know Reese Phifer At The Back Of My Hands.”
    This is something you should refrain from saying in front of your friends at the University of Alabama. A lot of people at the University face issues in traversing across the multiple hallways in this building. You might even get a map at the University elaborately defining all the floors and tricky hallways.
  4. “I Love Friday Mornings.”
    Fridays are like Mondays at Alabama University College. The last working day of the week gets everyone’s hang, including the faculty members at the University. People love the fun and frolic on Thursdays, and everyone starts feeling that the weekend has set in. But almost everyone forgets about Friday morning lectures, which can be too much for everyone at the college.
  5. “Saturdays Are No Fun.”
    Imagine what a Saturday could be at the University of Alabama if the rest of weekdays can be such fun. The Saturdays in the springtime are something everyone looks forward to all around the year. The falls call for weekend football games and parties in the dormitories. So if your Saturdays are tedious, that is because you do not get out of your room.
  6. “I Have Saved All My Dining Dollars.”
    Flaunting your money-saving habits is a good thing at the University of Alabama unless you are saving the dining dollars. Every semester you will be handed down 325 dollars, and it is upon you how you spend them every semester. However, if you end up saving up the money than giving yourself some tasty meals, you might get frowned upon.
  7. “I Will Never Miss Tuscaloosa.”
    You should never make this statement because many people have sentiments and emotions strewn around the T-town. It is evident that not everyone enjoys college life, but almost everyone loves the town of Tuscaloosa, and many years ahead in time, you will miss the city.
  8. “Lakeside Dining Is So Romantic.”
    You might feel attached to Lakeside Dining for other reasons but undoubtedly not because of its food. Many people around the eat-out sit and get away from the boring lectures, but no one hardly orders anything than drinks and refreshments.
  9. “What Is This, Nick Saban?”
    A lot of people can get angry if you happen to not know about Nick Saban. Few moments after asking this question, you might wonder why Saban never coached you. So it’s advisable to never ask about him in public because you will get memos in the library or go online, right?
  10. “I Don’t Have An Alabama T-Shirt.”
    Even after years of graduating from the University of Alabama, you might get frowned upon if you ever stated such a blasphemous statement in front of your Alabama friends. Everyone compulsorily needs to own an Alabama T-shirt. If you feel that you need a new size, you can always buy from the online store in the U of A apparel section.

These are the ten things you will never hear at the University of Alabama because being a student at the University of Alabama can be a great deal. If you are applying to the college or have been a part of the college, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

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