4 Ways to Increase Interest in Reading of Your 3-Year Old

4 Ways to Increase Interest in Reading of Your 3-Year Old

Do you know reading is skill in which everyone cannot get mastery? It may sound strange to you, but an average number of children start reading fast by the age of 12. Reading fast by the age of 8-9 is possible, but it requires preparation from the initial level. The right time to familiar children with books is when they are 18 months old. By that time, children usually start speaking clearly and make sentences. Home2Grow, a leading home based childcare agency in New Zealand, is providing some guidelines to follow here.

Gift Your Child Story Books Having Pictures

Children are always curious to learn more. What is better than gifting a book to them that tell stories in form of pictures and text? Colourful pictures attract attention of children. They show interest in holding the book to explore new pictures. It helps to make your imagination power stronger.

Try to Become a Reading Companion of Your Child

Gifting a book is not something that your responsibility is over now. You should commit some time with your child to inculcate the reading habit. When you give him company, he may enjoy reading more than reading it alone. Involve him in the story with pictures and rhyming words. Create a positive and interesting environment by mixing some hand action and creating sounds of animals.

Practice Rhyming Words

It is an initial step of reading. Rhyming words are those words that sound the same with the first letter has changed. The best process is start with two words, then three, four, and so on. Slowly, he will pick up these words and learn how to spell each word correctly. Learning rhyming words has two benefits. With reading he can do well in writing. Unlike, struggling to spell out and write words, it will be easy for him. He can become a bright student.

Consult a Home Educator

The trend of hiring a home educator in NZ is on the rise. These educators provide homely environment to pre-school children. If you are busy and want to give a comfortable environment, a home educator can help you out. Mostly women are involved in the job. They are associated with a leading education agency and become flexible to provide their service for longer hours. They are allowed to provide take care of four to five children at a time. Housewives and grannies in New Zealand like to serve as a home educator jobs.

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