5 Advantages of Opting a One-Year Post Graduation Program

5 Advantages of Opting a One-Year Post Graduation Program

Education today is varied and comes with various options for enhancing the skills and knowledge of people in terms of better job opportunities or a striking package. Students and working professionals, with no time to invest in a two-year course, look out for more feasible and fruitful options to avail higher studies.

Although two-year programs have been favoured and opted-for long, several one-year PG programs are making positive noises in the arena. They are beneficial due to the various reasons stated below.

When can one pursue these one-year courses:  

  • When one wants to change their career path, these industry-recommended one-year diploma/PGDM courses are beneficial.
  • To grab the most demanding jobs in the relevant industry.
  • To upgrade the technical skills and get a high package job than your competitors.

The traditional two-year courses allow you to strengthen the theoretical knowledge and gain industry exposures through internships. But these one-year programs are more intense, cost-effective and time-saving. They are more fruitful for all working professionals looking out for prompt courses with better results.

List of benefits of pursuing one-year post-graduation courses

  • Practical Approach: In comparison to a two-year program, the one-year programs specify prior experience of at least 5 years. The one-year program focuses on more practical and reality-based approach in terms of enhancing knowledge.
  • Diverse Business Models: The one-year programs focus more on in-depth analysis of complex, real-life problems rather than just theoretical curriculum. This is highly beneficial in enhancing versatility and developing leadership skills.
  • Interaction with Seasoned Professionals: Due to more focus on practical learning, the courses often require guidance from entrepreneurs and experienced executives. The overall curriculum is built to provide a highly productive environment with excellent business exposure to candidates.
  • Specialised Careers: The rigorous courses structure of one-year PGDM/MBA programs directs the focus of students towards specific professional interests, developing a skill-set streamlined to that area.
  • Global Exposure: With one year into a dynamic curriculum, it offers a great way to gain insight into the global business scenario. Many institutes also offer international exchange programs through tie-ups with major overseas universities.

With these courses, one can enter into a world of unexplored opportunities. The renowned universities provide the required platform to launch careers in this vast and professional industry. Asia Pacific Institute of Management is one of the best PGDM colleges in India, with the ethos of professionalism and academic excellence deeply rooted in its every course. It offers a variety of the best MBA courses for all management aspirants. The course curriculums have an impressive and comprehensive range of choices to offer. They have MBA in Banking & Finance, apart from various other specialisations, duly approved by the AICTE. Visit the link for more information on admissions and umpteen other MBA/PGDM courses.

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