5 Interesting Robotics Projects For Kids

5 Interesting Robotics Projects For Kids

Robotics projects for kids is an exciting and awesome thing to keep them engaged. Who won’t agree with this, everyone, right? There would be barely anyone who is not interested in the fact that robots make the complex task look more comfortable.

 So, in this article, you will see the top 5 robotics projects that might interest your kids. Go through this complete article to have sufficient knowledge about the robotics project.

Robot That Is Mobile Controlled

Mobile controlled is probably one of the most reliable robotics projects for kids. In this project-based course, the kid will learn to build his/her robot that will get controlled by a mobile. The robot will use the DTMF technology for conveying with the user and work according to that. Your kid will be using Arduino with the simplistic feature of drag & drop beginner programming to program the robot and enables the robots to work.

The Line Follower Robot

This project-based robot is straightforward, and a kid can begin with robotics only. The robot does the job of detecting the black line and deviating with digital IR sensors’ support. Here your kid will be using simple drag and drop beginners-based programming to program and assist the robot to work. After that, your kid will have the independence to modify the program and try to carry out several robotic operations. 

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The Edge Detection Robot

In this project course, your kid will learn how to make their robot recognize its edges and stop the robot from falling. This robot will use the IR sensors to identify edges, convey the data to the microcontroller, and act accordingly. Your kid will have to program his/her robot with the drag and drop option’s help and enable the robot to work. 

The Gesture Controlled Robots

This project-based course will assist your kids in building a robot that will get controlled by their hands’ gesture. It will demand the same principles that the kids play on the mobile phones. To program the robot, your kid will be using the drag and drop beginners programming and enables the robot to work.

Fire Fighting Robot

This robot can detect the fire from a distant location, move in that location and blow it off. This robot utilizes digital IR sensors for detecting the fire, takes a turn to that location with the help of DC motors, and blows off the fire with the help of a tiny DC fan. The robot can be created with the same drag and drop beginners programming and allows the robot to work. 


So, this was the article on the best robotics projects for kids. Here you have got enough knowledge about robotics projects, and now it is your turn to determine the right one for your child. Now I hope this article was helpful to you in finding the best for your child.

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