Leading 5 Mistakes Made by Educational Institutions

Leading 5 Mistakes Made by Educational Institutions

The current education is integrating technology at all potential standards. Still, there are the topmost 5 mistakes which every school must learn to evade:


  1. Eluding utilization of technology – Entirely shutting out technology and executing school without solutions such as School Management Software. Learning management software and school mobile app can impede your school. A school must acquire technology in the form of school information strategy, school mobile app; internet equipped learning and so on. Technology interact teachers and parents. Many parents can be engaged with school current updates and teachers also can keep better attention to each student.
  2. Extravagant use of technology – Today we can see the black side of not using technology is coddling in excessive use of technology. Unrestricted use of laptop, tablets and smart phones along with the internet freedom deflects students’ learning. Institutions should make a time limit and deadline about using the internet. Statistics show that 61% students use smart phones for entertainment and not for study.
  3. Inferior research – Ridiculously acquiring technology in schools, many schools fall in the trap of marketing stratagems. Many schools install expensive school management software as well as invest in an expensive smart class solution etc. without achieving their needs. So first of all evaluate your needs and install any expensive software. Because an expensive solution is not always the best output.
  4. Pathetic staff training – If you want to make technology productive, you should provide proper training to utilize it regularly. These types of technologies are profitable only if the staff uses them quickly and precisely. So, select a service which renders training with a video library of training resource for staff.
  5. Computing technology over teaching – Technology is the medium, not the end. Today, it has become a fixation to let children use the internet anytime and learn anything rather to cease them by misusing the internet. The main purpose should be to parents and teachers so that they can work in a tandem with each other to develop students’ education.

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