5 Reasons to Study in Canada

5 Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada is considered one of the most reputed countries all across the globe due to its high standard of living and study. People also prefer Canada as the best place to work and for investment. Well, the students always are keen to complete their higher studies in Canada. Through this post, we are going to enlist those 5 crucial reasons.

Here are the 5 reasons for their considerable choice:

1. Scholarship for Study

The cost of studying does not look high to those who know about the rewards of studying in Canada compared to its south side neighboring countries. Wide range of scholarship opportunities available for students from other countries. Some of them include:

University and Government Scholarship

  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program

DFAIT is an International Trade Canada program that Foreign Affairs fund. The program offers around $10,000 for international students, especially those enrolled at affiliated research institutes and Canadian institutions.

  • The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The international students of Ph.D. enrolled in any Canadian universities can also be awarded a $50,000 grant annually for 3 years. This scholarship is also awarded to Canadian students.

  • Undergraduate Scholarship by Concordia University

In all 193, scholarships are offered to the international students of the undergraduate course. Here many courses, disciplines, and subjects are included for the scholarship. You can explore this scholarship by searching for John Molson School of Business at Concordia University.

  • Graduate Studies Award by Calgary University

The university offers this program full and partial scholarship of $40,000 to international students. You can also search about the colleges that offer the same scholarship and other details.

  • Special Scholarships

There is one more scholarship known as Brazil Science. The Brazilian government offered this innovative program that was started in 2011 and is being provided to the Brazilian students sent abroad of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering streams. Brazilian government funds 75,000 scholarships, and private organizations and institutes fund the rest 26,000 scholarships. This is why many Brazilian students like to study in Canada.

2. Accommodation Availability

Canada is the first country that declared a multiculturalism policy in 1971 that affirms citizen rights regardless of ethnic origin, race, religion, and language. This ideology results in a harmonious environment, constantly increasing naturalization rate and suitable cross-country culture.

The diversity in the assets of Canada is one of the reasons to be there. The unparallel culture and understanding of Canadians make it a pretty friendly place to live. Canada is also known as one of the premier language training destinations as here more than 250 million people speak French. The students from other nations can get a chance to improve their fluency by availing themselves of “English as a Second Language” or “French as a Second Language” programs.

Moreover, Canadian houses are much spacious, even more than their UK counterparts. Hence, there is a lot of space to stay. Average family members found too much space to stay there. The families and the students get sufficient space for the families.

3. More Job Opportunities

In Canada, many programs help the students to get employed even after successful completion of their course. Under the Federal Skilled Workers Program, around 347 occupations can help you make fast track entry in any of the programs. It even covers many popular programs, including engineering, management, medical, construction, and many more.

Canada’s economy is considered one of the fastest-growing and inspiring economies. Even the opportunities are open for every kind of professionals. The students can get lots of opportunities as per their skills and home country.

Canada is a pleasant and good place to live for families. There is always a safe and secure environment for the families with lots of family living and lots of opportunities. In warmer months, you can spend most of the time outdoors like picnics, hikes, and other activities.

4. Free Healthcare and Familiar Culture and Language

Just like the health care system of the UK and NHS, the government of Canada also offers free health care services to everyone. The amount is, however, paid by the Canadian citizens in the form of taxes. That’s why the citizens of the country themselves indirectly pay the taxes.

Canada’s culture and language flexibility are good news for British migrants that the British migrants usually use. Moreover, suppose you are worried about the country’s language to which you are planning to migrate. In that case, Canada is the most suitable country. They welcome American and British both with the same enthusiasm.

5. High Employment Rates and Tech Rules

For Canada’s graduates, the job prospects are pretty high. The country has around 5000 global collaboration agreements with several multinational organizations. It has been noticed that the Canadian graduates get employed even in less than six months after completion of graduations course.

For the computer and information technology, medical devices, biotechnology, aerospace, environmental, ocean, and telecommunications like streams. Many innovative programs keep on running in Canada for the students even it was the first country that made its libraries and schools online. The Canadian students can plan their post-school life as well.

Some Additional Secret Tips to Study in Canada

This may be encouraging and welcoming to study in Canada. Still, some small tips can also make your study smooth and overwhelming. Here are some of these additional tips for those who are planning to study in Canada. Let’s check it:

The students with study permits can also work on affiliated campus sites and campus. However, the work permit may allow the students to work around for 20 hours a week. The eligibility for a work permit is quite strict in Canada, and part-time students are excluded from this policy.
Health insurance is a mandatory aspect for Canadian residents and international students. The students have to arrange and avail themselves of the insurance even before reaching there.
Before leaving your native country, you should contact the institution and clarify the documentation. Moreover, you should also register with the embassy or consulate of your native country before arrival.

During winters Canada become exceptionally cold, but the opportunities and academics are always hot. By familiarizing yourself with the culture in advance, you can make your transition smoother.

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