5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Shaking up Education

5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Shaking up Education

What defines success really? Is it entirely about the bank balance? Obviously, it is a no-brainer to think of being successful without a formidable fortune. However, definitely, there has to be something more into the story of being successful when there is really a story to tell. This is especially true when you are a woman! Although, ideally men and women share the world equally, yet in ground reality, the situation still exhibits a great deal of bias. How did you make your way up to the top? The challenges you met on the way, the hurdles you overcame, and how do you stay grounded even in that dizzy heights of fame are crucial elements to an inspiring story.

Starting From Somewhere Good

Often, it begins with a smart decision towards shaping a vision of greatness. You ought to have a dream and keep up to it, on the path to make it shine so dazzlingly that the world has no option but to take notice. So, chart out a roadmap that leads you to your ideal place.

For many folks, it starts from settling in Australia. For ICT professionals (Information and Computer Technology), the procedure of obtaining the visa includes applying for the Migration Skills Assessment with ACS Australia. The Australian Computer Society is a nodal organization to facilitate the migration process. Among other requisites, candidates ought to provide a CDR or Competency Demonstration Report and RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) report. The CDR follows a definite format and one can avail competent online services to develop it. You can also check out a CDR sample. The process also includes compliance with the ANZSCO Code to determine the validity of your qualification by the Australian Quality Framework (AQF).

Stories That Inspire

All these details of the migration protocol might tend to be intimidating, whether you are a man or a woman. Look up the success stories of these five women who went against the odds to achieve spectacular success by steadily pursuing their passion. These should inspire you irrespective of wherever you live or how do you plan to realize your dream of making it big! These real stories are particularly for all the women out there fighting their brave fights and to all the openhearted men encouraging and gladly sharing success with women.

Alicia Souza

The Freelance illustrator is a successful entrepreneur with an online store offering her signature designs. She has never had a typical professional education on illustration, and she attributes it all to her passion and sincerity. Indeed, all her designs are so vivacious and funny (in a good way), that you almost feel an instant connection in the heart.

Amy Port

Amy Port is the president of Heroic Public Speaking. Along with her husband Michael Port, she helps people to learn to speak fluently in public, making a formidable impression on the audience. The Yale School of Drama graduate is literally a source of inspiration for corporate speakers who testify how her instructions changed their approach to public speaking. The tagline of Heroic Public Speaking tells she is saving the world, from one speech to the next. Now, that is heroic!

Emma Isaacs

The owner of Business Chicks says that part of her is still the tree-hugging hippy deep inside. Business Chicks is an Australian enterprise that serves as a networking platform for women entrepreneurs all over the world. She also says that her greatest achievement is that of giving birth to all her children at her own home, in a traditional water bath tub. The full-time parent runs three fully-staffed offices from her living room. Do look up Business Chicks if you want to settle down in Australia via an ACS skill assessment program.

Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee

Limeroad is a lifestyle e-commerce platform based in India. It started its journey in 2012, under CEO Suchi Mukherjee. It started solely as a women-centric online store and later diversified to include menswear and accessories. Today, the site receives more than 50 million monthly visitors, 70 % among whom are women! This incredible success story started when Suchi was looking up a nice piece of trinket online and wanted to buy it.

It was in 2012. She was in London after the birth of her second child. She realized that there was no simple way to get it, and this eventually led to the foundation of Limeroad.  Ms. Mukherjee is a graduate from St. Stephens College, Delhi, and the London School of Economics. Her experience includes stints at the Lehman Brothers, Virgin Media, and eBay. She is literally the face of e-commerce in India. Her achievements include collaboration with the Government of India. The uniqueness of Limeroad is in its user-friendly approach, allowing people to create attractive scrapbooks of their favorite products and share it with others, thus creating a close-knit client base, or a ‘community’.

Catriona Wallace

The Australian entrepreneur owns and operates Flamingo AI. This advanced tech support service develops competent virtual assistants powered by Artificial Intelligence. She is the recipient of the Women of Influence Award 2018 of The Australian Financial Review. A true rebel and a sincere professional, the business diva stands apart in the crowd with her vibrant smile, red hair, and a nose ring. Yes, this fashion accessory deserves a special mention.

Catriona mentioned in a recent interview that once an investor offered to put in $1 million into her business, but only on the condition that the CEO takes off the nose ring. She did not! In a landscape where 90% of AI coders are male, she keeps working to make artificial intelligence more gender-neutral than it typically is. The mother of five says she is an optimist at heart, which definitely reflects in her smile. She has one of those smiles that light up a room just like that! If you are looking for a business visa Australia through the ACS, Flamingo AI is definitely a company worth checking out.

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