A Guide to Creating the Perfect Graduation Announcement Card

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Graduation Announcement Card

Graduation is an exciting and important milestone. Whether you are completing high school, college, or graduate school, graduation is a major event in a young adult’s life. As graduation day approaches, feelings of accomplishment fill the air along with decorated caps and tassels. The day will be about recognizing hard work and welcoming new opportunities. Given the significance of the day, you’ll want to be sure to announce the achievement to friends and family. Often, a graduation announcement card is sent in the mail to people near and far to share the good news.

A well-designed graduation announcements card is the perfect way to spread the news about the accomplishments of any graduate. While there are some etiquette rules for formal announcements, the most important thing is to design a card that is as unique as the graduate. Let’s look at some tips for creating the perfect graduation announcement card.

Remember the basics.

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Graduation Announcement Card

There is generally a certain structure to the card when making a graduation announcement. At a minimum, a graduation announcement should include some essential bits of information. Graduate announcements should include the student’s name, school name, graduating class year, ceremony time, and location or link to a virtual option. The degree and study focus should also be included if you are announcing college graduation. This is the basic information people will want to know when they receive a grad announcement. You might also include any college or job plans, graduation honors, or other special accomplishments for a more personalized graduation announcement card.

If there is going to be a graduation party after the ceremony, make sure to include the date, time, and location along with RSVP information. If the party is a virtual celebration, be sure to include the link and log-in information. You should also give an email, phone number, or link where recipients can reach out with any questions, gift suggestions, or other needs.

Get creative.

Beyond the basic information on any custom graduation announcement, there is plenty of room to be creative and include some personality. The announcement can be as buttoned up or as playful as you wish. Try to develop the announcement around an overarching theme representing the graduate’s tastes, interests, and special moments. This can be incorporated into the text and overall design of the graduation card. You should also be sure to include at least one photo of the graduate. If you want to incorporate a collage, be sure to include graduation photos and others that reflect the graduate’s journey.

Use clever copy.

Beyond the basic wording, the copy you choose to add can set the tone for the card. This is your opportunity to express the individuality and personality of the graduate. The copy can be fun and quirky, future-focused, or full of gratitude. You might choose to incorporate school spirit and mascot-themed headings such as “leading the pack.” A creative and fun header might be “school’s out forever.” A famous quote such as “she believed she could, so she did” could also be a creative heading.

Aside from a good heading, you might also include some thoughtful words from the graduate if the design allows. The student could reminisce on the past few years, thank those who have helped them, or look ahead to future plans. Allowing the graduate to include a few words could turn a standard graduation announcement into a keepsake.

Other options for unique graduation announcement cards are to use different textures and finishes and incorporate custom colors or patterns. With a bit of time and effort, you can create a unique graduation announcement that will be remembered long after the big day is over.

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