Acquisition Versus Learning Of a Language

Acquisition Versus Learning Of a Language

There is a big difference between acquiring and learning a language, the acquisition of the language is done by a baby, so it is better to acquire rather to learn the language. The acquisition of the language is to feel the language or absorbing the language subconsciously. Learning is something that takes place in school, where we practice the set of rules and we are ready to help you with OET review in Sharjahat our study center.

What about the significance of grammar in the language?

Do you remember when you made a request to mother or father, while you were on an excursion with them to buy you something edible that fascinated you? If the answer is yes, then where did you learn to frame the phrase or sentence correctly that your parent comprehended without thinking twice and acted upon your request.

The nostalgic account given above is just to make you understand that when a baby learns a language through the prerequisite of all the skills called listening, is nothing but the result of a subconsciousness process, which is called acquisition of the language.  The acquisition does not require grammar because this is natural learning, while learning grammar is the forced learning of the set of rules related to the languages. A simple hypothesis behind this is that whatever the language mother speaks, that particular language becomes the child’s first language or mother tongue, we have an insight being one of the best OET training in Sharjah.

Acquisition takes place through Comprehensible Input

 The milieu of a child in which he is brought up and the care giving people in his vicinity, while he is an infant influence his sub consciousness through their language. These people can be siblings, parents and relatives, so these are the humans responsible for the comprehensive input with the help of receptive skill called listening, this comprehensible input results in the acquisition of a language that takes place instinctively but not intentionally.

Learning is not the absorption like we did while we were a child, in other words, learning is done with full of consciousness or in simple words, learning is something that is called superimposition where one is self-motivated to learn or he is forced to learn on the basis of extrinsic motivation.

 Can a language be acquired at any age?

The answer is yes, one can acquire any language by getting an exposure to the milieu, where he or she could feel the language. The interaction with native speakers of any language is very important to absorb the set of rules without being forced to learn it. Once the man starts leading his life in a particular language and besides to it he also gets the supportive ambiance of the native speakers he starts to absorb regardless of his age or level of education. You are welcome to learn and do the PTE preparation in Sharjah at our language center, where you will find an ambiance of native speakers to acquire and learn English.

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