How absent notes apps can be advantageous for schools?

How absent notes apps can be advantageous for schools?

School attendance is associated with achievement and schools can focus on improvement of attendance with the help of parents. Especially students who cannot attend the class regularly at an early grade level are more probably to be an absentee in afterwards, when attendance is quite important to collect lessons for learners. 55% of students miss their education because of sickness. Students can be able to get benefits from classroom dictate, strengthen their lessons taught and chances to interact with other students for intellectual learning.

Students remain absent because of many circumstances such as sickness or essential to visit clinics. So, in such cases, parents are required to dispatch sick or absentee notes on paper clarifying the reasons for absence. Today, smart phone technology is attained by educational institutions with the initiation of applications which provide fast communication between tutors and parents and facilitates parents to send sick notes via absent note apps.

Quick communication– Generally, it is a rule that children must bring out a sick or absentee notes when they came back to school after being absent from school. Sometimes, parents may not remember to write a note and send with their children and in this situation students have to suffer punishments for abusing of school policy on attendance. As absent notes are approachable on an iPhone, Android or other smart phone or tablet, parents quickly fill out from their devices and send them immediately.

Decrease Absenteeism– Absenteeism or bunking of the class can start at teen age and older students may bunk the class with unapproved absences using forged sick notes. An absent note is sent from parents’ phone, it will be difficult for children to cheat parents and teachers by fake sick or absentee notes. These apps helpful to prevent potential truancy played by students.

Reduce paperwork– Absent note apps are computerized so filled out and stored digitally which reduces cost of paper and printing for schools.

Tracing absences– Tracing absences is a great strategy and by following it, schools get abundant benefits to improve school attendance. Details accumulated by absent note apps and analyzed that is why teachers can glimpse potential trends in absences, recognizing forge students and even observe infectious disease and take actions accordingly.

Attendance is mandatory in each school and there may be legal implications for parents whose children bunk school without genuine reason. Schools require many methods to implement a strategy to improve school attendance, which can include the utensil of absent notes apps. Parents are also an important to boost up their child’s education so they play an important role in improving school attendance by not ignoring truancy and submitting absent notes regularly.

In this type of situation, education apps like ORATARO becomes very helpful. With the help of this app school, parents and teachers can stay connected with each other with a real time updates on Class activities, Homework, etc.

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