Tapan School, A New-Generation School Driven by ORATARO – An Experience Shared!

Tapan School, A New-Generation School Driven by ORATARO – An Experience Shared!

A Tapan school, India, School management and strategy has become more successful, with ORATARO – Online School Management Software.

A Tapan school with the aim of providing great education, the school takes pride to be known as ‘ SCHOOL WITH A UNIQUENESS’ that becomes to be highly choose a school by the civilians of the city. Their successful strategy leads many distinctive activities, co-curricular and additional activities. The management, staff and teachers work with the aim of providing the best education along with the entire development of the child.

Our school has been organized with whole digitization and we have been applying online school management software- ORATARO. It worked admirably and we will be step moving into the next year of association with them. We had been using many admin computers and the computer lab system, our faculties execute on regularly and that is why students as well. With the unification of ORATARO many alternatives were aroused and the entire administration had become well-organized, bright, slick and more individual.

A look behind – Thinking the way previous structure was the tough times, required to put abundant efforts to be correlated promptly and competently. We were facing many difficulties such as delays, lots of manual notices and confusions. The communication with the parents did suffer a lot and more concerns regarding the implications and assertions. Definitely, all the physical work done by the staff and teachers suffered from punctual management. There was wasting a lot of time to search any important data or file and it becomes time consuming as well.

Then after, we decided to implement digital platform which is so sleek, smooth-running and fully supported. Our school data transferred immediately and establish of our school instance was so quickly. We were eager to see our all new school websites with the complete Content Management System. The faculties were loyal being digitize papers to handle their class maters. The students and parents did acquire their individual devices to be updated about school and its daily happenings. This personal approach was really successful and the best thing was it became more effective with the integrated SMS declaration. We glad to share here that we are completely satisfied with the features of ORATARO School app and it goes complete with our nominal charges.

The outcomes – At, Tapan school, ORATARO app provides the perception which can deal with each corner of the school and the daily activities. We learned all new way access of running the school activities. We are glad to mention some points in which we experienced improvement on the participating with ORATARO.

The entire teachers and students information has been well-organized and accessible for quick acquire.

  • It is becoming easy for school management to collect fees and search a lot of data. It proved easy with fee receipt prints and is saved.
  • Communication with parents becomes easy with the help of SMS facility in the emergency situations
  • Website updating has become an easy work and it goes absorbing for prompt update and notifications.
  • Class reports, school announcements, fee reports and faculty list are proper managed in day to day routine of the school.
  • Students’ attendance and regular homework update have been made easy, the platform is highly connected with the students on homework and capacity of completion can be easily achieved.
  • Overall, on the daily basis, we had comparatively reduced paperwork and our digitization has ensured our school activities and has made teachers and parents blessed.

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