Applications of Maths Concepts in Real Life

Applications of Maths Concepts in Real Life


You may consider what associates the Maths learned in schools or colleges to real life. What is the purpose of learning trigonometry? Why do we have to learn about different types of numbers? What are the benefits of understanding Pythagoras theorem?  Well, the concepts and principles of Maths have essential connections to the real world.

Apart from making us capable of doing calculations in day to day life, it has a lot of applications which reflect the importance of learning this subject. For example, when we add the price of three products in such a way, firstly the price of the first two products is added and then it is added to the third one. But if we reverse the order, then also the sum will be the same. Hence, this defines the associative property of the numbers, which, when added clockwise or anticlockwise, gives the same result.  Let us go through some of the conceptually based uses of Maths.


Numbers play an essential part in our life. We usually count something like objects or people using numbers. Numbers are also sometimes used for labelling purposes, such as vehicle numbers, player’s jersey number, etc. We do routine calculations like addition and multiplication using these numbers only, like adding up the bills, calculating monthly budget, etc.


Algebra is extremely recommendable when we need to find any unknown factor. We would solve many word problems, where, with the help of other given quantities, we find the unknown one. For a case, if we have to find the cost of 10KG oranges based on the price of 1KG, then we can use variables to express as the final price and estimate it. Assume the price of 1KG orange is Rs.60/-. Let the price of 10 KG orange is x. Then x = 10 x Rs. 60 = Rs. 600/-.


Geometry plays a crucial role in our daily life. It has made us understand the different types of shapes present in our surroundings, such as circular, square, rectangular, etc. Each object in space has some shape. And all these shapes have their area and volume.  Area defines the region occupied by them and volume is their capacities. You will see many objects at your home, which have both these properties like water containers, tiffin boxes, storage beds, etc.

Maths in Business

Profit and loss are the terms commonly used in business. When a product is sold, then there is some profit generated to the seller, when the selling price of the product is more than its cost price.  But when the selling price is less than the cost price, then the shopkeeper faces loss in his business. Sometimes, in industry, the concept of a matrix, invert matrix, statistics, probability are also used to make more gains in trade. Therefore, Mathematics is an integral part of businesses.

Apart from these, there are many utilisation of mathematical principles in our everyday life. Hence, it is important to learn Maths as a compulsory subject.

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