B.tech Electronics and Computer Engineering- The Secret Behind the World we see Today

B.tech Electronics and Computer Engineering- The Secret Behind the World we see Today

Indeed as the world is advancing today rapidly, the fundamental reason behind this development is technology. But how is it even growing? What is the science behind it? It is essentially the outcome of electronics and computer science development. Just dissect any other gadget today. Just look at the grassroots cause of the fast running websites today. Fundamentally it is an outcome of electronics or a bug-free computer code.

So how does one qualify to master this technology? The gateway is simple. It is through a four-year course of B.Tech in Electronics and Computer Engineering. It is a comprehensive program. It is usually divided into eight semesters. With the up-gradation of each semester’s students are trained in a stepwise manner, from basic to advance. Students are exposed to the latest technologies. They are given plenty of lab work which provides them with practical exposure. They are regularly exposed to seminars and live projects. Not only that, interaction with industrial leaders prepares them to understand the grip of the work in the professional arena. So all over, this program is a doorway to the advancement we see today. Not even an inch of the technology can move without it.

So now many of us may wonder as to how to get into such courses?

As the foremost step, one must fulfil the eligibility criteria. Every institute has its own guideline. However, there are common preconditions which one must abide by before getting into this course. First of all, one must have studied science (PCM) in class 12th. For every institution, the minimum marks requirement also differs. However, one must strive to secure at least 60% in their higher secondary school examination.

Usually, students are shortlisted based on entrance test performances. There are entrance exams at a different level. Some colleges accept the national level test scores, while others conduct their personalized test as well.

This course truly expands the horizons of the students. They get a chance to work in a wide-ranging job such as Electrical engineer, Electrical technician, CS engineer, Network engineer and more. There are end numbers of opportunities in this field. Usually, the starting salary is around 3.6 LPA to 4 LPA. It sometimes gets even higher. It entirely depends on one’s expertise. As one grows in experience, they receive a hike in their salary accordingly.

So now the burning question is that who should go for this course. See this course is professional training. It involves wide-ranging projects and studies session. It is only a cup of tea for those who have a longing to know more about technology, workings of electronics and more. Otherwise, the efforts may turn futile. So one should only go for it when he/she genuinely want to pursue it and not the other way round. Many times the primary motivation of the students is the lucrative package it offers at the end of the day. However, this motivation will not work in the long run. So, therefore, think it off wisely and then go for it.

Rest the sky is the limit when it comes to an understanding of the scope of Computer Science and Electronics before admission in B.Tech.

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