Beat JEE Stress with These 5 Awesome Tips

Beat JEE Stress with These 5 Awesome Tips

IIT-JEE is one of the toughest exams that every student aspiring to become an engineer has to go through. The score you achieve decides your fate of entering one of the top engineering colleges in India. This is why every student going to appear for the upcoming JEE exams have a lot of stress on their mind. They find themselves under constant pressure to perform well in the exams to secure a seat in the best engineering college.

As the exam time approaches, the students have less time in hand and more pressure to handle. They extend their studying schedule and do their best to imbibe as much as they can. But still, due to a lot of stress, they feel unprepared. 

We understand that cracking a competitive exam like JEE is not an easy task. But with the right preparation and the best books for JEE recommended by toppers, you can score well. But some students quit food and sleep months before the exam to extend their study time, adding more misery to their life. 

The trick to secure well in the exams lies in staying calm and revising important topics. Too much stress can affect your health and will do nothing good when it comes to performing well in the JEE exam. 

To show your best potential in the exams, along with the best books for JEE Main, you need the right motivation to kick-off stress. To help you out, we are listing down some tips you can use to beat JEE stress.


The first person that can truly motivate you is YOU. Motivation comes from the inside, and if you can’t motivate yourself, then no other person can. We know exams are accompanied by stress, and sometimes it is difficult to convince yourself that you are prepared for everything coming. But believe us, once you have prepared yourself well for the exam and convinced yourself that you can crack JEE, then at least you have overcome your fear and kicked the stress off your mind. This can be the first step you can take to score well in the exam.

A to-do list will work well

Make a healthy routine and stick to it. It is never a good idea to compromise your health during the exam season. Remember that excessive thinking is not going to help you clear the exam. What can help you is a rigorous and feasible study plan. Consult with your teachers and cover all important topics that can help you clear the exam. 

Take adequate sleep

Don’t let exam fear be the reason for your sleepless nights. You have heard from people that they can’t sleep a night or two before the exam. With the increasing competition, there must be a lot of stress that can cause temporary insomnia, but don’t let that stress take a toll on your health. The simple way you can ditch the exam stress is through sleeping well. Sleeping is like rebooting your body and gaining the necessary energy to perform up to your fullest potential in the exam.

Breaks between study hours is a must

Taking timely breaks between your study hours will help you relax and re-energize. Watch an episode of your favorite series, talk to a friend on call, or just take a walk in a park. These small breaks will help you calm down after a rigorous study session and recharge you for another one.

Healthy eating will help too

Do you know that being unwell triggers stress? If not, then know it now. Your body will be unable to take all the exam pressure if you don’t eat well. When you want to ensure that nothing comes between you and your aim to crack JEE, eating healthy food is a must. Always have nutritious food, drink a lot of water, and avoid junk food. Don’t let unhealthy eating be a reason for you to fall ill and trigger your stress. 

Be physically active 

Being physically active will help you perform well in the JEE exam. By adding an hour of physical activity to your daily regime will add more to your stamina and mental strength. Play your favorite sport or just jog to refresh your mind and reduce stress to a great extent.

Wrapping up

These are some of the best tips you can follow to beat JEE stress. Now just grab the best books for JEE Main and get going with your exam preparation. Keep stress low and do your best. 

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