5 Leading Advantages of Social Media in Educational Institutions

5 Leading Advantages of Social Media in Educational Institutions

As every coin has two sides, social media is also a platform that can be both positive as well as negative aspects. Obviously, it relies on the ultimate user as to what they perceive from it. Today 87% of educational institutions adopt social media to enhance their learning system. And around 80% teachers use these mobile apps to upgrade their teaching strategy. Here we have 5 effective uses of social media in educational institutions.

  1. Raise connectivity – In future there will be no limitations for tutors to make their lectures in classrooms. In a case, there would be a need for the discussions and debates beyond the lecture time, social media provides a platform for the teachers and students to connect and discussion. Although, many students misuse the internet, there should be a strict rule about using internet only for educational purposes and not beyond that.
  2. Aids to share notification – Mobile apps that let the students to form seminars and groups to discuss subjects related to their education are a smart use of social media. This type of apps simplifies information sharing and become an advanced platform to enhance education. Additionally, their parental apps assisting parents to be updated with educational institutions.
  3. Provide better understanding – Social media is immersed with opinions of people on tremendous issues. That is why; social media help teachers to bring in numerous prospects on one specific topic. Teachers can also use those mobile apps which have special features to prevent the online links and analysis to make it easily approachable to each student. Teachers’ Apps liaise with students and parents simply. So, teachers can save a lot of time and shrink workload.
  4. Social media and parental involvement – Social media in many ways allow parents and tutors to connect directly with each-other. Parents can connect with teachers and contrarily child to be updated with the child’s progress and clear up difficulties.
  5. Helps in sending notifications – a very significant feature of many mobile apps is including a reminder for all the essential events. Mobile apps not only alert parents and students about forthcoming affairs, but also assist in better administration of the institution by granting constant interdepartmental connectivity. When all divisions of an institute are integrated and announced, it will be a work of superior quality.

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