Best coaching gives best University to fly high!!

Best coaching gives best University to fly high!!

8 bands in IELTS? How is it possible? IELTS Classes in Mumbai is here to make you practice in such a manner that scoring good bands won’t be your dream. It would be a reality which will provide you the best universities.

Now it’s common to have a doubt or confusion that among all coaching centers why IMFS IELTS Coaching in Mumbai should be given priority? Here are the top reasons.

Regular follow-up:

On a daily basis we take follow-up of each and every student so that they do not get distracted from their goal. IMFS is a place where mentors motivate them at every step which makes students close to faculty and they can openly learn asking their doubts and where they get stuck.

Mock test every Sunday:

whole week students do all four components- listening, speaking, writing and reading and every Sunday we take a test so that students and learn from their mistakes and can be more confident and hardworking to improve their scorecard. For us taking the mock tests is important part as that is the area where we understand improvements of the student.

Every component is practiced every week:

As there are 4 components writing is practiced 2 weeks a day and reading, listening and speaking are practiced once a week. Sometimes speaking is practiced twice a week and writing is done once a week. It all depends on the weak factor of the student and which component should be more practiced by them.

Task achievements:

every student has been given different tasks to improve their grammar and vocabulary. So we have various ideas from which students complete their task and once they achieved it in a proper manner they are given a credit which can keep them energetic and motivated.

Proper guidance:

student needs proper guidance at this stage is very critical for them so rather than misleading them to earn money our only goal to tell students what’s the truth and to be frank about exams and about admission process which is a very great task itself and our this quality is a key factor to win the customer in the right path.

Lot’s ok to practice:

students are here to score bands so we make sure to give them enough practice so that they don’t get any chance to get disappointed by their score.

Reference from more and more authors:

we give them to practice from the different authors as practice makes a person perfect so we give them enough practice from different books.

So this makes IMFS perfect for IELTS and we are very glad to announce that 98% of students score 7 and above bands if they are regular and work according to the guidelines provided by their mentors.

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