Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Thane Imfs

Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Thane Imfs

No matter if you’re applying for work, study, or visa, the IELTS exam is the same in terms of format, content, level of difficulty, scoring and examiners. If the test results aren’t necessarily satisfactory, there’s not any limit on how often you may retake your exam, but it’s better to take a little time and study well before you attempt the IELTS exam time by visiting IELTS Coaching in Mumbai. In many countries, the test centres provide preparatory courses & language classes, however you can find learning resources online that can help you revive your knowledge as well as explain how to prepare for this exam in the best way. 

Why’s IELTS important?

Over 10,000 organisations worldwide trust IELTS, thus, whenever you take this test you are confident that it’s recognised by the educational institutions, governments, employers, and even professional bodies across the world.

As the pioneers of English language skill testing from the last 30 years, IELTS has set their high standard for the English language testing even now. Governments in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK use the IELTS test to process their immigration applications. If you want to improve your IELTS score, then you must visit IELTS Classes in Thane.

How does it work?

The IELTS exam assesses students in 4 different areas and they are speaking, listening, writing and reading. Interestingly, this test does not have any pass and fail system. A candidate is ranked on 0 to 9 scale, and 9 being the expert user in the English language. Depending on the reason for taking this test (living in a foreign country, career, or studying), you need a definite score. For the general Tier Student Visa in the UK, candidates must get 5.5 overall & in each four areas you are tested.

It means that you will not only have to take this test and get a good rank, you’ll have to prepare for this too. With IMFS online IELTS course, you are given the knowledge and skills required in helping you succeed with the top score.

What does the IELTS exam include?

Passages, audio tracks, interviews and essays! At one glance, this test has 4 sections and all these sections can be found on 2 different versions of an exam: Academic and General Training.

Choosing the right IELTS test

There’re two IELTS tests that are available – one is the IELTS Academic and second is the IELTS General Training. Any test you select must be based over what it’s you wish to do with it.

· IELTS Academic – It measures if your English language skill is appropriate for the academic environment. This reflects various aspects of the academic language & evaluates if you are ready to start studying and training.

. IELTS General Training – It measures your English proficiency in the practical and daily context. The tests and tasks reflect both the workplace and the social situations.

If you’re taking an IELTS test for supporting the UK visa application for work, study or living, you might go for IELTS classes in Thane for UK Visas & Immigration Academic/General Training or for the Life Skills test.

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