Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Thane

Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Thane

When you are attending the IELTS reading section, Your Biggest enemy is time. mastering the skill of time management is the key to get your dream score in this particular section. The IELTS exam has three reading passages which you have to attend in a single hour so you have to hurry and read all the passages carefully but when you are competing with time you rush and end up making silly and small mistakes. So it is very important to do some hard work before you enter the exam hall. prepare your exam skill and try to spend approximately 15 minutes, right now, reading and digesting the multiple-choice questions which are there in the reading section. 

How many answers?

If you know the pattern then you must know that you have more than one multiple choice question in your IELTS reading. Now let’s take an example: you read instructions for the very first passage that you have to attend and know that you have to choose a couple of answers from each of the questions given below. you choose two options according to you and more for others and come to the second passage and there is another multiple choice task for you. Now you skip reading instructions and choose a couple of answers again just like you did for the first passage. Here is your first very big mistake. It is highly unlikely that the second passage will have the same instruction as that of the first. you may have to choose three options for a single option in the next passage so read instructions carefully before attending any e question. 

Use your knowledge of Understanding the world

Common sense is very important while attempting tricky questions in IELTS. let’s understand it with example-

You might get a question about something that is very general like the Sun. the question is –

The sun is: hot blue cold Yellow

What answer would you choose? Now that you have seen the word sun, you immediately start eliminating the options that it is not blue or cold. Now we have two options left. hot and yellow. At this point you have to take reference from the passage that relates with the options. Your knowledge of the word is unlikely to be enough to lead you to the correct answer. It will take you to the Halfway but the understanding of the passage is the key to get the correct answer completely. 

If in doubt, guess the nearest option.

If you are stuck somewhere with a question in an exam then don’t just choose random options and move further. Though, you will not be penalized for the wrong answers but if you choose the nearest options that can be correct then it adds up in your score so choose wisely. and be very careful while marking your answers in the answer sheet. 

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