Best TOEFL Coaching Classes in Mumbai, Pune

Best TOEFL Coaching Classes in Mumbai, Pune

Best book to refer to get a good score in TOEFL, recommended by IMFS!

To crack any exam with a good score, you need to be a good test-taker that has qualities like self-awareness and will to do something. A good test taker accepts the abilities he has and he is still striving to be better. A good learner never stops learning. A great way to score massive on the TOEFL is to “punch above your weight.” If you go into the test with the intention to get every problem right, you’ll definitely stall out as soon as you hit a super-tough problem, you will waste a ton of time, and you’ll be forced to rush through the easier stuff. According to IMFS, TOEFL Classes in Pune, a good test-taker goes to the exam hall with an honest idea of what they’re able to achieve, and a logical mind to give up on a certain number of questions so that time will be saved and the overall score will be good.

Good test taker is a good strategic planner. So is a good graduate student! But, only the qualities can lead to your goal. Guidance from the trusted source, right knowledge to attempt the exam is equally important. IMFS suggests that you can’t be a good learner if you’re not a good reader. Reading lots of books daily not only improves your knowledge but also it makes positive changes into your personality too. In order to get a good score in TOEFL, here are some books which will help to get through various sections of TOEFL. IMFS, TOEFL Coaching in Mumbai highly recommend these books. 

For TOEFL Writing-

Collins again!  Any of the mentors at IMFS really like Collin’s “TOEFL Reading and Writing Skills.”  as this book has really accurate question samples with the descriptive solutions understandable by every student. It consists of solutions of even the integrated questions, which almost EVERYONE ELSE messes up once in their lifetime. Specially beginners can read this book to avoid silly mistakes.  This book also includes some decent templates and concise strategies to attempt the tricky questions in TOEFL.  Many of the books regarding TOEFL are bogged down but this book isn’t bogged down with “information overload” like the Kaplan book, for example.  

Best Books for Vocabulary-

Vocabulary, honestly, you need to learn on your own. It is improved by continuous reading but there is no such specific book which can improve your vocabulary instantly. Some things take time and you need to put your efforts into learning new words. Well, IMFS, TOEFL Classes in Pune teaches you all the effective strategies that you will need while going through the preparation of TOEFL. Still, there are some books that you can refer to. First up, “Essential Words for the TOEFL” from Barron’s is good. The difficulty level of the words of the book is quite good and it includes some realistic reading questions as well. Another book recommended by IMFS is Darakwon’s “1800 TOEFL Essential Vocabulary.”

Best Books for Grammar-

IMFS just suggests students to get the 5th edition of “English Grammar in Use.” From Cambridge University press. This book has been referred to by everyone as it’s  around forever, and it is still the best source of grammar explanations with a good amount of questions.

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