The Best Women-Centric Government Jobs India Has To Offer

The Best Women-Centric Government Jobs India Has To Offer

This is the era when women do not earn any less than men. They yearn to accomplish as much as possible and in no way do they want to settle with lesser things in life. The comfort and ease provided by a ‘Sarkari Naukri’ are the best-suited for women as physical labour is mostly averted in them. The hard work that has to be put in is at the time of competitive exams which is the same for men and women. The only relaxation females get gender-based reservation of seats or vacancies in specific fields. The best government jobs for females are:

1. Nursing

Nursing is considered to be the most suited choice for women who want to go for government jobs. Assistance and responsibility are essential requirements for nursing jobs. They are quite famous for women as it suits their personality aspects. Nursing is a profession where women not only render attention to needy people but also receive the chance to avail of the best medical treatments. It is a woman who can do right by this profession. They can choose nursing jobs as their primary career possibilities.

2. Teaching

Teaching jobs are some of the most respectable professions one can go for. In this situation, if you wish to enter a teaching job, it is a great option that you will not regret. Women play a focal role in developing their children and care for their immediate needs. If she joins an institution, she can curtail the bad traits of the community.

Moral qualities which are invariably reducing among today’s kids can be conserved with the female teachers in schools. It becomes necessary in such conditions that females should open to teaching as a career. It is not only a decent profession but also very significant for the community in novel situations. For an educational qualification to be a teacher, one needs to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.Ed.) after graduation.

3. Banking

As a career, bank jobs are among the best government jobs areas for women. Jobs like Bank PO and Clerks are deemed to be tough, but they give various development opportunities as well. There are numerous job alternatives available for women in banks where most of the job notifications are appearing. Due to several kinds of opportunities accessible in banking, the female prospects can apply for the jobs which they find intriguing and suitable to their temperament.

For a Bank PO, the minimum educational qualification required is graduation. Different banks have established different divisional cut-off. For the officers’ role, graduation is essential. If one is right in General Knowledge, Mathematics, Reasoning, then with reasonable practice, she can get the bank job of her dreams.

4. Defence forces

Long gone are the days when people could discriminate the job choices for men and women. In the past, men were monopolizing the defence jobs, but nowadays, women have accomplished an extraordinary stature in these areas as well.

The Indian Navy provides jobs for women having the determination and confidence to serve their motherland. The dream to reach for the sky as a fighter pilot is possible for women too. The Indian Air Force is the best option for it. Any female aspirant is required to have a minimum of 60% marks in graduation and 10+2 with Chemistry and Physics with a minimum of 60% marks and a B.E./B.Tech degree.

5. SSC Command Police Officers

The SSC CPOs are recruited for the paramilitary forces, which are governed by the central government. The rationale for this post being a suitable ‘Sarkari Naukri‘ or government job for women in India is that it has less competition compared to other professions. Another factor is the reservation for female candidates. Women get around 40% of the total vacancies reserved for them in the recruitment procedure.

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