Big Data Engineering and Analytics: Become an Expert in 6 Months

Big Data Engineering and Analytics: Become an Expert in 6 Months

As companies look to modernize their IT and analytics infrastructure, the focus has shifted on Big Data Analytics. IT companies are hiring certified professionals trained in Big Data Analytics courses.

Big Data Engineering is among the most popular data science specializations to have made it big in the global scenario in the last 3-4 years. With data science teams entrusted with the task of collecting large volumes of data, they are also made accountable for data cleaning, computing, storage, Quality analysis, assessment, storage, and security. These activities are all part of the Big Data Engineering curriculum, which is the direct connection between driving better business decisions and insights while making the Cloud and SaaS business more efficient and secure.

Is Big Data Engineering Really Science?

There have been numerous debates over attributing the tag of ‘engineering’ specialization to Big Data analytics.

In the last decade or so, many new emerging technologies have knocked at the doors of research and university curriculum, seeking full-term subjects in the syllabus. With the lack of trained tutors and professors, it has dawned upon the private Big Data Analytics online course providers to make a contribution to the Big Data Science environment.

According to Gartner, a leading industry research organization, Big Data Engineering is the scientific practice of extracting useful data and making it accessible to various data science “consumers” like Data Scientists, AI engineers, analysts, Business Intelligence, and Chief Data Officers. These consumers use engineering and AI techniques to further drill down upon the data-based insights and actions to study patterns, forecast future outcomes, and train machines to perform human tasks, as part of Automation and so on.

So, Big Data Engineering is the central subject of any modern-day Data Management and IT collaboration.

How Much Competition is there in Big Data?

Big Data is an aspiring and career-centric goal. It is well-paying and is more relevant to a modern IT company than say B.Sc. Computer Science or B.E. in Information Technology. However, the graduates from these specializations remain your direct competition.

Earning a degree certificate in Big Data Analytics courses gives you a direct edge over these professionals, especially when you start searching and applying for a relevant job in the IT ITES industry.

Despite tough competition, there is a huge shortage of Big Data analysts. McKinsey Global Institute has found a shortage of 1.7 million Data Science and Big Data professionals over the next 3 years.

Why I should apply Now?

Today, thanks to the efforts, Big Data Analytics is a full-term curriculum, and many of the learning and development assets designed by the senior-most trainers have made it to the IITs, IIMs and renowned international data science research labs and institutions as well.

So yes, today, Big Data Engineering is indeed a science, and a prolific stream in its own right.

In 6 months, you can apply and train for specialized concepts in advanced analytics through Python, MapReduce, R, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark, and so on.

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