CA Intermediate Course Syllabus Or Duration

CA  Intermediate Course Syllabus Or Duration

CA Intermediate Course

It is the second step in ca intermediate course duration after passing the CA foundation. In ca intermediate there are two groups. After completing CA foundation candidates have to register for the CA intermediate. After registration, you have 8 months time duration for study. You have to concentrate on your studies pass it because it is not an easy task. Daily routine study and with a time table you can complete it.

  1. Eligibility For registration –After passing out ca foundation exam students will be eligible to get register in the CA intermediate course.
  2. Preparation For Intermediate Exam – Once a candidate gets registered for ca intermediate exam then he have to undergo 8 month study period for the preparation ca intermediate course exams.
  3. Exam Form – Apply for ca intermediate exam. Fill the application or exam form for examination. You have to apply for ca intermediate exam from the official website of ICAI.
  4. Admit Card Download – Institute of chartered accountant India will release ca intermediate admit cards generally 21 days before the exams. Students have to download the ca intermediate admit card from the official website of ICAI. ICAI will not send your admit card at your home.
  5. Error Correction Timing – If any error occurred in the ca intermediate admit card then the students have to go correction window or can also take help from ICAI Helpline. ICAI has provided the facility for correction. ICAI provides correction window but each window has a separate time limit.
  6. CA Intermediate CourseResult –Generally  CA intermediate course result will come after two months of the last exam.

CA Intermediate Syllabus: New Syllabus (Group 1)

Serial Number Subjects 
Paper 1 Accounting

  • Formulation of Accounting Standards with Ind AS (IFRS  standards) and IFRSs
  • Convergence vs adoption; objective and concepts of carve-outs
  • Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements (as per AS)
  • Company Accounts
  • Accounting for Special Transactions
  • Special Type of Accounting
  • Dissolution of partnership firm including the distribution of assets; Amalgamation of partnership firms.
  • Partnership firm conversion into a company  and Sale to a company; Issues related to accounting in Limited Liability Partnership
Paper 2 Corporate Laws & Other Laws

Part I – Company Law (60 Marks)

  • Preliminary
  • Incorporation of company and matters incidental thereto
  • Prospectus and Allotment of securities
  • Share capital and Debentures
  • Acceptance of Deposits by companies
  • Registration of Charges
  • Management and Administra

Part II – Other Laws (40 Marks)

  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872 (Specific contracts covered from section 123 onwards): Contract of Indemnity andGuarantee, Bailment, Pledge, Agency
  •  Rules  of Interpretation  of statutes, Aids to  interpretation, Rules regarding  Interpretation/construction of Deeds and Documents


Paper 3 Cost and Management Accounting 

  • Overview of Cost and Management Accounting
  • Ascertainment of Cost and Cost Accounting System
  • Methods of Costing
  • Cost Control and Analysis
Paper 4 Taxation 

Section A: Income-tax Law

  • Basic Concepts
  • Residential status and scope of total income
  • Incomes that do not form part of total income (other than charitable trusts and charitable income.
  • Heads of income and the provisions governing the computation of income under different heads
  • Total Income of other persons included in assessee’s total income
  • Aggregate of income; Set-off  or carry forward and set-off of losses
  • Deductions from gross total income
  • Computation of total income and on the tax liability of individuals
  • Advance tax, tax deduction at source
  • Introduction to tax collection at source
  • Provisions for filing return of income and self-assessment

Section B: Indirect Taxes

  • Levy and collection of CGST and IGST
  • Basic concepts of time and value of supply
  • Input tax credit
  • Computation of GST liability
  • <Registration
  • Tax invoice; Debit Notes and credit; Electronic way of bill paying
  • Returns
  • Payment of tax

CA Intermediate Syllabus: New Syllabus (Group 2)

Serial Number Subjects
Paper 5 Advanced Accounting

  • Application of Accounting Standards
  • Application of Guidance Notes issued by the ICAI
  • Special Aspects of Company Accounts
  • Reorganization and Liquidation of Companies
  • Financial Reporting of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • Valuation of goodwill
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
Paper 6 Auditing and Assurance 

  • Nature, Objective and Scope of Audit
  • Audit Strategy, Audit Planning and Audit Programme
  • Audit Sampling
  • Analytical Procedures
  • Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence
  • Risk Assessment and Internal Control
  • Audit in an Automated Environment
  • Fraud and Responsibilities of the Auditor
  • The Company Audit
  • Audit Report
  • Audit of Items of Financial Statements
  • Audit of Banks
  • Audit of Different Types of Entities
Paper 7 Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management 

Section A: Enterprise Information Systems

  • Automated Business Processes
  • Automated Business Processes
  • Information Systems and its Components
  • E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Emerging Technologies
  • Core Banking Systems

Section B: Strategic Management

  • Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Dynamics of Competitive Strategy
  • Strategy Management Process
  • Corporate Level Strategies
  • Business Level Strategies
  • Functional Level Strategies
  • Organization and Strategic Leadership
  • Strategy Implementation and Control
Paper 8 Financial Management & Economics for Finance

Section A: Financial Management

  • Financial Management and Financial Analysis
  • Financing Decisions
  • Capital Investment and Dividend Decisions
  • Management of Working Capital

Section B: Economics for Finance

  • Determination of National Income
  • Public Finance
  • The Money Market
  • International Trade


Here we have given all the information regarding ca intermediate course syllabus and ca course duration. There are two groups in ca intermediate course. Ca intermediate course is not easy. Candidate have to work hard in this course.

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