wListening to Music While Studying

Music is a very essential part of our daily lives. Subjects tested in environments with background music were found to get better results than those tested without background music. Therefore taking along any source of music like iPod can be useful.

Studies have found out classical music to be the best to listen while studying. It helps the student to concentrate better. Listening to music which is constant in the state has a steady repetitive pulse and is not very loud, and it is better for concentration.


Music has been proved to be No one stressbuster. No matter if you’ve had a hard day at work, have been involved in some fight? Or stressed because of any other thing. Music is always there to lift your mood, and it makes you forget all your problems.

There are certain points which may make you believe in the statement that music does enhance learning capabilities in students.

  • Reduces feelings of anxiety
  • Helps children regulate their emotion
  • Improves concentration and task behavior
  • Enhances the way children can process language and speech

Reduces feelings of anxiety

Music is the best stress buster, and you know that already. Usually, students have to stress themselves because of a lot of things and this results in anxiety disorder which is difficult to deal with. But with the help of music, the students can reduce the feelings of anxiety.

Music affects the brain

When the student is stressed about something he should always opt for music, as music has a significant impact on the mind. Nothing is more influential than music for instant relief.

Choose music that you enjoy

Everybody has a different taste in music. Many students like rock music the other may like jazz, or someone would like classical it all varies from person to person.

The student should choose the music that best fits his mood an may help him in reducing the stress level for him.

Match your mood

the music should always match the student’s mood

  • according to volume: some students like full volume while many like to keep it low. The student should set the amount of volume according to his mood.
  • Harmony:the student should set the musical harmony accordingly.

Consider music without lyrics

it has been proven that music without lyrics is more helpful in bursting the stress. Usually, when a song with lyrics is played it seems like someone else’s story is being told. And also when lyrics are included in music most of the brain is used in processing those lyrics.

Therefore choosing music without lyrics is more helpful in busting stress.


Helps children regulate their emotion

listening to music can have a very relaxing effect on student’s feelings. Slow speed instrumental music can induce the relaxation response by helping lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as stress hormones.

Classical music can be particularly effective but listening to simple music can be useful too.

Improves concentration on task behavior

When the student is tuned into some kind of music, surely he will be able to concentrate better, and this improvement in his concentration level will help him able to improve his task behavior as well.

Enhances the way children can process language and speech

Music can be useful in processing language. As music itself is language that the student has to understand when he listens to it, so it surely is effective in processing language.

Music helps create a positive learning environment

Our body should be at certain state of calmness to gear up for learning. In a recent survey, it is found that using background music in the classroom had an increased and effective level of positivity in students and also in the teachers.

Therefore a peaceful learning environment can lead to more student participation in many learning activities.

Music can enhance memory recall

Sometimes while listening to radio, if your childhood favorite song pops up, you are instantly back to those childhood feelings and emotions.

You start singing the lyrics immediately, have you ever wondered why this happens?

It happens because of those neural connections between music and memory are strong and pretty enduring.

Foundation of concepts

music can help in solidifying the foundational concepts. Along with the books, lectures and other classroom activities content based songs provide a good option for understanding the basics.

This concept clears the constructive purpose and proves that content-based songs are much helpful in enhancing the learning powers of the student.

Music helps boost motivation

Educators can help engage and motivate learning by using familiar methods of technologies.

Music allows learners to become happiest

As they say, happiness is the key to learning. If a student is happy inside out, he is believed to perform better than those students who have a higher IQ. Experts say that students happiness is a vital factor.

Studies have proved that integrating music is an excellent way of learning.

Student teacher relationship

Music helps in enhancing the student-teacher relationship. By using music that students are more familiar with, the teacher can be more relaxed and relatable.

Therefore, this can enhance the student-teacher relationship, and this can improve the learning environment to a great extent.

Hence, we can say music is the most powerful key to learning if we use it in a proper situation. Therefore to create a positive and creative learning environment, the use of background music should be maximised and if we do so…

Students will be able to learn effectively

Students will be able to take part and engage themselves in many other curricular activities

Better results both in academics and in other curricular activities.

Refreshment of students mind.

So, why not start maximizing the use of background music in the classrooms and start jewelling up with the student’s mood to make them understand things better as a part of learning activity.

And why not start writing the assignments while listening to music or listen to music freely and leave your assignment work for online assignment help services.

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