How Career Counselling Is Important In India

How Career Counselling Is Important In India

Which subjects will you opt after 10th standard?

What do you want to be? A doctor or engineer?

Have you decided anything about your career?

These questions are pretty common in every household in India where the parents often question their children in such career-related matters. Most of the time, it gets difficult for these children to find answers to these questions. The reason behind this can be his unawareness of the job situation in India.

This creates a lot of pressure on the students. The pressure of performing well and finding a great job. This eventually leads to frustration and unsatisfaction.

Career Counseling In India

What Indians do not know is they can always find ways to get rid of such career-related confusion with a simple step. There is one solution that can change the way they look at things and also their career. It is counseling.

While counseling has always been a part of western countries, be it schools or universities, Indians had never thought about taking external help in deciding the career until recently.

Career counseling is getting its popularity among the masses in India. Today, parents and teachers know about how a wrong career choice can lead to stress and frustration among their children. It eventually makes them unsuccessful. Looks like the elders, as well as the children, are learning from the life choices and are ready to make a reliable career choice with the help of career counseling.

Advantages Of Career Counseling

There are many advantages that counselors offer to the students as well as the professionals. The major ones are listed below.

Picking The Best Out Of All

When it is about deciding the best stream for the student, mostly he choose the most popular option out of all. But it is not the correct way to deal with such situations.

There are several emerging jobs in interesting fields in India. These jobs are not much known to the students and therefore, they end up picking the ones that they have least interest in.

Career counseling helps the students to pick the best career from hundreds of options available to them. Take the help of these experienced counselors to know about what is good for the students.

Counselors Help In Many Ways

While there are more and more jobs in the market, the academic sphere has expanded as well. Now people want to opt for something more after they are done with their graduation. They go for masters or courses in an interesting field so that they can get an upper hand in whatever they want to do. Counseling makes them aware of the enormous amount of interesting courses and diplomas that can enhance their knowledge and prepare them well for the jobs.

The counselors make sure to check and study the strengths and weaknesses of the students and they come up with a lot of options that can be chosen by the students to make a better career and a happy life.

Technology’s Help In Counselling

Technology has developed the way things are performed in the world. And so, it has also changed the way the counselors perform the counseling of the students and professionals. It has presented a lot of career assessment tests which highly pays attention to the personal and professional skills of an individual. They also perform online tests to know better about the person.

In addition to this, the counselors prepare reports based on these online assessments. These reports help them to know better about the individuals, his skills, and interest in the benefit of his career.

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