How to Encourage Your Child to Become an Active Preschooler

How to Encourage Your Child to Become an Active Preschooler

Don’t let the children just drag themselves into a preschool. They also need to be actively involved in the daily chores happening at the preschool in Ahmedabad.

For them to actively participate in preschool activities, they need some motivation and encouragement. This is essential for parents as they are responsible for preparing their children to be preschool-fit. And for this, they need to engage in different types of play that aids in fully developing their body and brain.

Preparing children to be active in preschool will require some encouragement and this is how it is done right:

Becoming an Active Role Model

Becoming an active pre-schooler will have children following the parents’ footsteps. Having your child to catch up with your morning schedule is a great way to influence them in a positive manner. When you obey the schedule as a parent and run daily chores, prepare your office bag, pack your lunch, etc.

children also see that. This prepares them to be self-dependent which is essential at preschool. Best if you could give at least 30 minutes to your kid every day and make them aware of their mind, body and soul. This will have you engaging in physical activities, brain games, etc. And once they see you enjoying the active time with them, it keeps them also active and gradually modelling your behaviour.

Emphasizing on fitness

If you are enrolling your children in nearby preschool then allowing them to go by walk or bicycle is a great idea. The added benefit is that they will be doing a sort of physical activity as well with that. You can also walk or ride a bike with your kid to drop them off at the preschool.

Active pre-schoolers have a certain trait of being physically independent. And teaching them to get on their own will make them physically and mentally active. The fitness factor – mental and physical, plays a crucial role in early childhood days.

Gamifying Physical Activities

A lot of parents may find it difficult to get their children moving. This is because their activities lack reward which ultimately leads to no motivation at all. Therefore, gamifying the everyday physical activities will make them competitive as well. They start looking at those activities as games rather than a mere compulsion. With smart devices on, tracking their steps and other activities simplifies the job while allowing them to learn as well.

Prepare gaming rules such that reaching on a certain number wins them some points. Set a daily benchmark and they will be getting competitive enough to themselves. And then comes the reward! Giving them the chocolates or small prize or even a coin will boost up their morale and willingness to participate actively.

With at least an hour dedicated to physical activities, kids are then all geared-up for new adventures at daycare school in Ahmedabad. Breaking this one-hour planned activities in multiple slots is also recommended to ensure giving them enough rest and time. Choosing different time slots and rotating activities will also beat the mundane that kids find on a regular basis.

Harnessing Creativity

Preschool gives children a lot of opportunities to indulge in a lot of creative activities. Right from playing with toys, to music and poetry sessions and even the team activities involve a certain amount of creativity. Few of the activities may hold a child’s attention. It is quite possible for them to pick up some sport or art as a part of a creative pursuit to follow. Get to know that better by talking to teachers at preschool as they observe each and every moment of your child. Learn what your child is best at and have him/her replicate the same at home. Harnessing this creativity will make them active at preschool by gaining confidence. A weekly fun day or picnic is a nice way to let the child explore the creative juices in them. This way, they will form a healthy habit and behaviour towards their favourite activity. And whenever the teacher asks to perform those activities that they are good at, they will eventually shine amongst the rest which adds up to their morale.

Cheering Them Up

Be it simply moving their legs and kicking the balls while taking shower – cheer them up wherever and whenever you can. This will have them doing such things more. If they obey what you say, cheer them up, motivate them and in fact occasionally gift them the toy that they want to have. Such a rewarding boost up is essential for them to successfully complete the preschool and get ready for the elementary school. Let them immerse in sports or object-play and look out of what they are trying to achieve. Even if it is out of rule in sport, support their efforts and try motivating them. Such constant approval nods from someone at the authority will have them striving for more.


Allowing them to play with small items and indulging in various physical activities will improve children’s fine motor skills while bettering their control over small muscles. This is important since they will be doing a lot of activities at the preschool. Being physically active ensure that they stay on top or at par with other toddlers at preschool. Ultimately, it’s proven that children who engage in everyday physical activities are bound to stay healthy in their life and do well at preschool.

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