Are Your Children Are Advantaging From Educational Technology?

Are Your Children Are Advantaging From Educational Technology?

Usefulness, drawbacks, tips and questions: A parents’ advisor to Educational Technology

Today, there has been a big drive to acquire technology into the classroom. This Change is intended to provide our children a benefit of learning. However, the question is that it is actually implemented?

Even with the known advantages, Education technology is still considered arguable and its effectiveness is known to be uncertain.

So, what is missing out?

According to one study, the success of technology in educational sector depends on crucial factor

A knowledgeable Mentor

As per one research, approximately 90% teachers said that they accept the benefits of Education technology. However, a large number of- around two thirds- argue that they have not been trained adequately to really implement it in the classroom. Sometimes, handling new equipments and software is expected to make on teachers spending their own time and without paying any remuneration which only slows the revolution even more

For parents, This is Disturbing

As a parent, your child’s education is important and you should know everything what you can about this changing perspective

What You Can Do As A Parent

  1. Include your children’s thought: Carry discussions with your kids. Ask some questions about how they apply technology in the classroom like which types of programs are implemented, and if they can think of any drawbacks while using tools. May be the most important question among all these is why they feel technology is helpful, particularly in their learning experience.
  2. Never miss parent teacher meetings: Interact with your child’s teachers to get more information regarding technology in the classroom. Either through email, parent- teacher seminar, or while going to pick up your child at the end of the day.

Determine the uses and drawbacks of the implementation of technology and ask questions to understand more about how educational apps are effective in the classroom

Ask the questions such as the below mentioned to teachers about Educational Technology

  • How does the school strive to implement technology?
  • Are there any remarkable pros to applying tech in the classroom? Or downsides?
  • How do you get assured that students are involved?
  • How do you handle distracted students on their tools?
  • How communicative are the learning experiences?
  • How do they control cheatings and do sharing on their devices?
  • Do the devices let you to observe or get involved in your child’s performance?
  • Who recommend the apps, games, websites and other programs which are applied in the classroom?
  • Is digital citizenship and online protection taught in class?
  • What learning experiences do you find are good left tech-free?
Carry out Some Research

Be connected with online facts and do little online research, particularly regarding the software and programs yours kids are using. Learn about classifying, and find out why it is a vital skill to learn. Figure out about the prospective job market and discuss with friends to share ideas, opinions, and perceptions.

Advantages of Educational Technology
  1. Analysis- Technology unbars the world in front of students and allows them to find new interests and enhance skills.
  2. Develop communication- Teachers can apply Ed-tech to communicate with one another with the help of the online conference, where 11they learn about each other’s concepts and also share tips and systems. Furthermore, Ed-Tech also helps to connect educators with parents and children as well.
  3. Forming future- Now-a-days the professional outlook is changing and changing quickly. Implementing technology in the classroom qualifies students for a tech-dependant future
  4. Logics and insights- Educational technology assists mentors to understand entire classroom at once and identify individual student’s requirements and capabilities.
  5. Stuffs- There is abundant free as well as paid learning resources online. Either it is an app or website or online book that firmly explains a challenging concept to students. Digital learning resources are a superb way to engage children
  6. Modern learning- Compared to traditional learning materials, educational technology can consistently be updated and depends on effective information systems and networks.
  7. Multiple learning requirements accomplished- Educational technology accomplishes the needs of individual students. As each student learns by different way and educational technology is able to provide different methods even more effective! It is also a great learning assistance for students with special needs.
Disadvantages of Educational Technology
  1. Makes students inattentive- A general worry of parents and teachers is the distractibility of devices are all we know. Handling diversions like social media can be a challenge when devices are used in the classroom.
  2. Detached Learning Environments- Ed-tech motivates collaboration in a modern and exciting ways. Moreover, it also differentiates learning experiences for children, which is both beneficial as well as unfavorable
  3. Defraud- Privacy, secret messages and research… These are modern frauds. Technology put a new turn on earlier worries about cheating and distracting work that have always created a concern for teachers
  4. Habituated & Cost- Educational tech based on expensive networks of connections and equipments working flawlessly. What will be if Wi-Fi goes down? A tool smashes? A child drops on iPad?
  5. Privacy Matters- There are plenty of legal matters that come into existence with educational technology. Today, safety measures developing, still the risk of assembling data is one to consider seriously.
  6. Dissimilar Access- Presenting technology into the classroom leads very crucial issues around equality and obligation. Definitely, not all children are capable to have devices such as tablets or computers at home, as those who do not have, certainly disadvantageous this technology, specifically if they have to use regarding homework or individual research

However, there are some disadvantages of educational technology; generally it is a great advantage to use educational technology in the classroom. It is found that most teachers are usually well-trained, and interested in learning this modern perspective. Moreover, enthusiastically implement technology into their lessons by exciting and innovative ways

It is mind-blowing to know about where technology can put our children. Whenever, you do your work on your devices, your children come to you and are able to use what they learned in real school life settings. This generation is more familiar with the digital environment and it benefiting them in abundant ways.

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