China’s ‘employment first’ plan to boost job opportunities for expats

China’s ‘employment first’ plan to boost job opportunities for expats

The urban unemployment rate fell low at the end of 2017. The Chinese job market boasted employing expats as well, in addition to the nationals. “China’s job market remained stable and achieved progress in 2017 with core indicators beating expectations,” Human Resources and Social Security ministry spokesperson Lu Aihong explained in a press conference. It’s not hard to comprehend why China’s economy and employment opportunities are proliferating hand-in-hand.

There’s already a great demand for foreign nationals in the Chinese industries. Recruitment companies like Hudson China, Footprints Recruiting, and Haida International China are pulling foreign nationals with attractive packages and additional services.

Chinese companies usually recruit local candidates who can speak good English and have a good amount of experience in multinational companies. Next, they prefer people of Chinese descent who have been working and living abroad.

Expats with first-class professional experience and a little working knowledge of Mandarin/Cantonese are considered for the top-level positions. They are required to have technical skills, financial skills, and international marketing experience for most of the available jobs in the technical, financial, and marketing fields.

Lacking the above skills doesn’t affect a person’s chance to be employed in China. The country has companies like Haida HR and Footprints Recruiting that employ foreign teachers who can teach English to the young Chinese children. If the candidates lack TEFL certification, Haida HR and Footprints Recruiting train them for free in most of the cases.

These teachers are given accommodations and introduced to the Chinese social life. Most of the applicants turn out to be westerners who love the eastern culture and wish to make quick money while exploring the panoramic views of the country. This helps the country’s tourism as well.

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