Terms and Conditions for a Chinese Government Scholarship

Terms and Conditions for a Chinese Government Scholarship

There are many terms and conditions by Chinese government scholarship. It is a very strong and constructive initiative taken by the government of China and the Government of India. This initiative has been taken by both governments to promote mutual understanding and diplomatic relations between the countries. With the help of this scholarship program, there are many students who will be benefited financially. They will be able to get a prestigious degree in the medical field. This degree will be recognized by the International standards also. There are government entities which look after the execution of the scholarship in both the countries. Let us see what are the terms and conditions before you apply for a Chinese Government scholarship to study mbbs in china.

Chinese Language

It is very important for you to have the basic command over Chinese language, Mandarin. There are three levels to study any language; those are the basic, the moderate and the advanced level respectively. Before you apply to any university for taking admission under Chinese Government scholarship, it is very necessary for you to learn the basic level of Chinese language and get the certificate of it. This certificate will ensure that you will be able to understand the medium of teaching, in case you are applying to a University in which the medium of teaching is Chinese. It also gives a lot of importance because everybody around you may not be able to speak in your native language. Therefore, it is required for you to learn the basic level of Chinese to survive well.


For Working Professionals

The Chinese government scholarship is open to bachelor degree programs, master’s degree programs, doctoral programs, scholar programs, and diploma programs. There are some students who work in China along with pursuing their studies. It is very necessary for the candidate who is applying for Chinese Government scholarship to have an assurance from their employers in writing that they would grant them sufficient number of leaves when they need to attend classes in medical universities of China or whenever they require to appear in the examinations, projects, workshops, seminars, international conferences, etc. because these programs are for the benefit of the students.

No Hiding of Facts

It is very important for the candidate applying for Chinese Government scholarship to hide no single fact. However, all the documents which are required to apply for Chinese Government scholarship for any of the medical university of China are sufficient to reveal all the facts related to the candidate; but still, it is advised to the candidates to not hide any fact. If in case anything is revealed once you get the approval of the scholarship and take admission, your admission can be suspended. Therefore do not receive your career at all. You may be put on the blacklist in case there is some provision like that.

Know About China

It is very necessary that you read about China before going over there. The necessary things that you should know about China are the culture, the geographical conditions, the legal requirements, the laws of the government, the rules followed in society, the lifestyle followed, etc. It will help you get more comfortable as soon as possible. This will ensure that you will study better and it is justified to give you the scholarship. Who these terms and conditions will help you more to study mbbs in china.

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