Christine Breese – Childhood and Achievements

Christine Breese – Childhood and Achievements

Christine BreeseChristine Breese is the most popular face gained worldwide fame for her notable achievements. She spent her childhood in Pennsylvania. She is blessed with a sister who is three years younger. When Christine reached 14 years of age, she started to question all that she learned about spirituality and also endeavoured to explore several other types of religions, trying to find what was actually common between them all.

When Christine Breese found was that every religion has a belief in a higher power of some sort or another. All religions actually endorse being a great individual to others and also treating some others as you would wish to be treated. With the same Christine then focused on meditation and also then finding the answers from within, realizing that at the core of it all it is inside.

She then grabbed opportunities to work for various film companies and earned huge fame for her great work. Besides, she has also written and performed 200 of her own original rock songs with her own band. She is a well versed guitar player as well.

After a decade of success, Christine Breese seeking to meet several important needs of those students wanted to study together in person and also learn. She always wanted to open a retreat center, and so was born the idea of Gaia Sagrada.

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