Christine Breese – Know About Her

Christine Breese – Know About Her

Christine BreeseChristine Breese is a renowned personality and founder and facilitator at Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca Retreat Center near Cuenca, Ecuador. She earned huge popularity for her great achievements and creations. She is also known to be founder of University of Metaphysical Science in Arcata, California.

Her goal is to create Gaia Sagrada is mainly to bring certain plant medicines to those people in a safest way and also introducing them to a high calibre ayahuasca shamans and san Pedro shamans in Ecuador.

Christine Breese has in fact long worked with shamanism since the earliest part of her spiritual path and also studied most of these spiritual methods and also several important techniques mainly to be fully knowledgeable about various important ways in that people search for the great enlightment.

You can easily find her videos talking about ayahuasca and related things on YouTube and various other platforms. She has also written many books and articles. Besides, she also gained an opportunity to work as a television producer for many popular television series. You can easily find her certain great meditations at the store of University of Metaphysical Sciences and also as the free page at the university, and on YouTube too.

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