Citation Guide : Learn About Its Different Styles for Referencing Your Document

Citation Guide : Learn About Its Different Styles for Referencing Your Document

Are you stuck in the referencing section of your academic paper? If your answer is yes, this post is going to be very beneficial for you. It includes brief details of different styles of referencing used by different colleges and universities all around the world. Let’s learn more about it.

A reference list or citations is basically a formal way to give credit to the source you have used for collecting information for your academic paper. The reference list includes several things such as the name of the author, publication date, the title of the source, and many more. While working on a certain academic document, it is important to perform research to collect relevant and important information about the topic. If you are using some sources to extract the information then you must provide give credits to them.  In simple words, it is just a formal way to cite the sources you have used for writing your intellectual work. Adding the reference list to your academic document enables you to locate particular sources and fight plagiarism. There are many referencing styles available like APA referencing, Chicago referencing, MLA referencing, Oscola referencing, Harvard referencing and many more. In this post, we will learn about the most popular referencing style that is used all around the world. Moreover, you can also hire referencing guide help from the experts.

Harvard Referencing Style

The Harvard referencing style is majorly used for subjects like social science, and humanities. This can also be used for business writing too. The two types of citations used in Harvard referencing style are:

In-text Citations: This text citation is done in the main body of the report, essay or assignment. This citation provides brief information about the reliable source. The readers can get an immediate idea from where you have extracted the information. It is written along with the sentences. Here you have to mention, the author’s name, date, and page number to link it with other information. For example: “common at the time (Jones 2005).”

List of Reference: This list is usually written on the separate last page of the academic paper. This provides information about the sources. The in-text citation only writes brief information of the sources. On the other hand, the list of references provides detailed information about the reference. If the reader wants to go through that reference then they can easily find it. This includes the author’s surname, year of publication, the title of the content and the date of publication, and the page number. For example: “Wallace, A, Schirato, T, & Bright, P 1999, Beginning University: Thinking, researching and writing for success, Allen & Unwin, St Leonards, NSW.” If you want to assignment help with Harvard Referencing Style then you can hire the experts of BookMyEssay.

APA Referencing Style

The APA referencing is another popular style. It involves writing bracketed references in the body of the academic paper. In this style, each entry should include the author’s surname, their first initial, the year of publication mentioned in brackets, the title, the place of publication and the publisher. For example Kennedy, D. (1996) New Relations: The Refashioning of British Poetry 1980-1994. Bridgend: Seren.

The citation for web sources in APA referencing style is a bit different. Here you have to mention the links that you have used for retrieving the information. For example: “Jones. R (2014).” Identifying autism spectrum disorder.

Chicago Referencing Style

This referencing style offers two major options for citations. You can either make brief citations in the text body like the one you do in Harvard referencing. On the other hand, you can list them in footnotes. The second option is similar to the Oxford referencing style. If you are using the Chicago style referencing then you should check which format your department has asked you to use.

OSCOLA Referencing

OSCOLA is the abbreviated form of Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities. It is preferred by the School of Laws. This referencing style has some specific rules to deal with the sources that are used by the law students frequently. This includes the cases, statutes and command papers. For In-text citations in OSCOLA referencing is placed at the footnotes. It is written with a formal set of abbreviations for key sources.

These were some of the major referencing styles. If you need any kind of assistance with any of these then you can take help from the academic experts of BookMyEssay. This company offers top-quality assignment writing services at very affordable prices. So, stop waiting and get in touch with them today!

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