Cloud Reckoning in Educational Institutions

Cloud Reckoning in Educational Institutions

Today, the education sector is trending towards a cloud reckoning because it’s very aspiring. Because of its low-cost and easy accessibility of content, it’s more advantageous. Many schools are encouraged to adopt cloud computing after looking several Schools Implementing Cloud Computing.

Key factors

  • It’s supposed CAGR is 22% in India from 2015-2020
  • Increasing SAAS ascendancy over organizations
  • Cloud: highly preferred for investment
  • Expected IT saving in educational centers owing to cloud usage from 20% in 2013 to 27% in 2016
  • Number of institutions is increasing who embracing cloud computing


The cloud computing term is ambling a lot now-a-days. Actually, it is utilized in the education sector to the military sector.

  • Why cloud technologies are advancing – cloud reckoning mentions in the online and rationalize storage of data across the internet. Moreover, it makes information obtainable from anywhere or anytime. It is pre-eminent as per its name describes. This technology has clouded across the world and is increasing everywhere, especially in India. As per current survey, India is expected to witness growth of cloud computing at over a CAGR of 22% from upcoming next five years 2015-2020
  • Increasing SAAS domination over companies – Cloud is not merely used for its present and estimated use. Many businesses and beginners are developing from the origin of cloud computing. Cloud technology remains prosperous by asking many organizations about their target investments among the various fields.
  • Why you can say that cloud technology is prospering? – One most influential reason to have modified the way for using cloud technology is its utilization in mobile apps. We see that apps are being used from games to educational sectors.

This is the key reason why cloud technology is so prospering and that is why SAAS is controlling cloud reckoning in terms of consumption.

Some other aspects insert safe and easy data to obtain from anywhere and anytime as well as saving energy. Thus, it is doubtless that anybody can adopt this and implement as it appropriates his or her business.

Moreover, by implementing this technology you will save money and time both as well

  • Can it be useful for educational institutions? – Definitely, it can be. While it was deemed for IT sector only, but now the scenario is changed, it is used in all sectors. About all the K-12 (Kindergarten -12th class) schools in America is applying cloud based technology. It is nimble and cost-effective.

According to statistics, schools spend around 35% of IT budgets on cloud. This is because figure shows that would be increased from 20% to a whopping 27% till the end of 2016.

  • Institutes are increasing who adopting cloud technology – Today more and more schools implement cloud technology to manage data. As per research, 37% of education institutes say that they are investing in cloud to store data.

Why ORATARO is useful platform?

The ORATARO is a cloud based platform to provide important information as well as various apps to interact with parents and teachers.

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