Why Should You Come To China For Study?

Why Should You Come To China For Study?

If you’re a student living in any country, dreaming to go abroad to build a better future, this is your lucky break. Your mind is probably polluted with all the noise you are getting from the environment surrounding you. Your friends, your relatives, your acquaintances, people you merely know have been blasting you with their opinions. Now you are confused. But before you let the confusion get the best of you, we are asking you to consider this one thing. Why should you entertain someone’s opinion who have never been to abroad before?

First, you must find your reason behind your dream to study abroad. If you think it’s just rainbows and butterflies, you’re wrong. There are lots of compromises and sacrifices you must make to be on that path. The promises are auspicious, but it’s not easy. Make up your mind first. And then find your reason. This is very important, because this reason will give you the strength to fight through the rainy days.

Why do people want to study abroad? There might be hundreds of reasons, but here are the most important of them all:

  1. Get a better education.
  2. Live in a better condition.
  3. Be on the par with the first world trend and technology.
  4. Get along with the International Culture.
  5. Combine all of the aforementioned to build your future, achieve your dream.

These conditions must be met by your destination first. Then you have to scale your finances with the return, and also consider the real opportunity to actually get there and start your journey. We know that you are probably considering the top notches, but here is a deal breaker for you. To get into theses top notches you must be ready to invest a substantial amount of money, with no assurance whatsoever. And on top of that, you have to always wonder when the political turmoil will knock on your door to say that you have to be deported. It’s real. Many talented students have finished their graduation just to find out that they are the least preferable in the job markets just because they don’t have a colorful card.

So, is this the end of the road for you? NO. The fastest growing economy of the world is waiting for you with limitless opportunities and possibilities. China. Just don’t write it off, not yet. Let’s consider those conditions and analyze what China has to offer.

The quality of education in China is no less than any other countries in the world. The degrees offered is recognized in USA, UK, France, Japan and 65 other countries. You are probably aiming for tertiary education, which is education supported by universities. Tertiary education, generally understood as post-secondary school learning supported by universities, technical training institutes, community colleges, and research laboratories, is essential to a country’s competitiveness in an increasingly innovation-driven global economy.

Over the last decade, China has made considerable strides in advancing tertiary education, with the number of institutions more than doubling and government expenditures increasing from $52.66 billion in 2003 to $311 billion in 2014. The 211 Project and 985 Project, initiatives designed to raise research standards and cultivate rencai (people with talent), further demonstrate the effort Chinese leaders are making to modernize the country’s education system.

Living standards in China probably don’t need any introductions. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to live in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi and so on. All the international facilities with the mix of the local vibe. This unique taste can only be found in China. And surprisingly all of these cities are student friendly. Cheap food, fast internet, good connectivity, you name it. It’s here.

From cutting edge space craft design to the state of art super-computer, China is the place where technology is happening. The movements of sub-atomic particles, dark matter energy and the leading sectors where science will triumph in the future; China has managed to be a part of them all. Machine learning to develop cognitive skills in a non-biological thinking device; it’s already here in China, serving for Alibaba’s gigantic logistic service.

China is currently world’s third most popular destination for international students with 390 000 foreign students currently pursuing their dream there. What better place can you find to stay keep with the international culture and communication. Not to mention, in this era of globalization, communication is everything.

All of these factors will facilitate you to achieve your dream. Now the question is, can you afford it? You probably can’t. But that’s where The Chinese Government and the universities will kick in. The Chinese government has doubled the efforts to increase the number of scholarships it offers to international recruits. Last year (2015), a staggering 40% of international students who had recently commenced studying in China received some kind of financial award from the government. Even if you don’t get any aid from the government, the scholarships offered by the universities are there to help your finances.

There are two types of planning. One, is planning for tomorrow. Another is planning for the future. This separates the handful of successful from the rest of commoners. The world belongs to those who can plan beyond tomorrow. So, buckle up. Plan ahead. We are always here for you to guide and support you through this colossal process. Let your dreams come true.

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