Design is a Language Itself – Which Course to Pursue to Learn This Language

Design is a Language Itself – Which Course to Pursue to Learn This Language

Indeed, the design is an art which can define how we perceive anything. It has the power to connect with masses and speak when nothing can’t be said but just felt. Every industry today is understanding the importance of design. Even a simple procedure can enhance the users experience through intelligent designs. So how does one master this art? The answer is Bachelors of Design. This is a 4-year course which polishes student in various aspects of these objects. Students are trained in User interaction designs and various other aspects.

Students get to learn about a wide-ranging subject such as Industrial interaction, Principles of designs, Architectural Studies, Creative Thinking, Technical Writing and more. This is a practical course. Therefore it involves a lot of brainstorming and live projects so that students get hands-on experience in this field.

What is the Eligibility criteria of B.Des Course?

So the first and the most important step for all those who wish to participate in this field is the eligibility criteria—these preconditions defined by every university/colleges for aspiring students.

Candidates must pass class 12th examinations to participate in the B.Des program. Students are shortlisted based on their merit in entrance tests. Every year numbers of B.Des entrances examinations are conducted. There may be some colleges which call have their minimum marks criteria as well. This changes from university to university. So candidates must go through keep all these crucial points in mind.

B.Des Interaction Design 

Every time you log in to that phone or open that door, what is that one thing which makes it easy for you? It is the design. B.Des Interaction Design is a course which is specifically dedicated to enhancing users experience. The idea is to ensure easy accessibility. It is imparted in various categories such as Product Design, Communication Design, Apparel Designs, Industrial Design and many more.

The starting salary of a B.Des graduate usually varies from Rs 3 to Rs 5 LPA. Some times it can be as high as Rs 10 LPA as well. It entirely depends on the students’ command over the subject. Not only that students can even opt for higher studies in design after graduating in this course. There MS courses in Design. On getting graduated from these fields, students get lucrative job opportunities.

So now let’s consider the most crucial question. Who must do this course? See it is a highly creative course. And if you are a logical/calculative mind who is only looking at the handsome salary insights of this field, then it is not the place for you. One may wonder why? See high salary is an outcome of one’s imagination. It is an invaluable price if one’s creation. So money is an outcome and not an absolute statement. Also, creative thinking must be your forte if you wish to pursue design. It will otherwise become a challenging path for you.

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