How Technology can Develop Eco-Friendly Environment in Schools?

How Technology can Develop Eco-Friendly Environment in Schools?

As per global point of view, feasible production and consumption of energy is an ample issue to be decoded on the earth this century. According to Elon musk “technology and nature go hand in hand.” This generation needs to be propagated in an environment that boosts up greenery. School is the best platform to reach this platform and go green by saving energy, water and paper. In its reward schools can enhance students’ health and execution and additionally save money. At the end of 2014, 67% Schools Adopting Mobile Technology to develop Eco-friendly environment in schools.

Key affected factors

  1. Acquiring energy technology can reduce the energy utilization in schools up to 50%.
  2. Latest technology decreases energy usage, paper and makes the procedure streamlined.
  3. Lack of water and inapplicable hygienic system are the prime reasons for children to leave school
  4. Economical technique and students’ development are making our environment, eco-friendly

We live in the age of ultra-modern technology by which we can progress without beheading environment. Technology is approached in many fields. till today then why education system cannot acquire its advantages. We know that if the present generation will be well aware then they will bring new approach for the environment

Education sectors teach the students the way to live and survive. This is the platform which makes students gracious to our environment.

  1. Saves Energy – The field can undertake the most significant of all is energy utilization of schools. Making use of LED lights is a good approach for school premises. To compare to CFLs and tube lights, LED lights can abase energy consumption of schools to half of the present is.
  2. Rescue Paper – when a school applies online education, they use e-books which results in saving paper. There are tremendous companies which provide digital solutions to schools for circulars, declaration of school schedule and homework to the students. As school encourages recycling papers rather than standard papers.
  3. Lack of Water – Water is essential for human beings and it is a necessity. Today we scarcity of water is a big problem around us. Lack of water is a reason for improper sanitary. So schools should implement for flush system and well-maintained taps to save water. It is survey says that well-going and maintained tap saves 20,000 liter water in a year.
  4. Provide full Support for Proper Sanitation – Sanitation is a big for students in schools. If schools do not provide proper facilities for that children do not want to attend school. Make sure that schools pay attention for providing dustbins, recycle bins and keep future generation healthy.

Acknowledged by these 3Rs – Recycle, reduce and reuse. These are vital aspects of our life and execute in our life to develop an environment.

How ORATARO useful to create eco-friendly environment in schools?

The ORATARO is a cloud based platform which provides the latest technology to educational sectors. It renders latest and modern technology to teachers and students to develop eco-friendly environment in schools.

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