Eligibility For Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Eligibility For Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

We are living in a fast-moving world. People do not want to remain in the same position in a company for years. Everyone wants to reach the top. This needs continuous promotions and upgrades in the profile. The only option for it is to either go for higher education or attain some kind of certification from time to time. Higher education, be it MBA or M tech, requires full-time devotion and a lot of money. Not everyone can afford it. Also, people have to leave their job in order to enrol for a higher degree. All these problems are not there in the case of certification courses. They are short-term and nominal in price.

One of the best certifications is the six sigma certification. The course addresses the problem of deviation in the business process. When a business process is defined it has a set pattern of working, any deviation from it results in increased customer dissatisfaction. This is the reason why companies nowadays are giving much value to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training.

The course has three levels that are lean six sigma green belt, black belt, master black belt. All these certifications can be done in the defined order only. As the level increases, the expertise also increases.

Six sigma green belt is the kind of course that helps the professionals in improving the business processes and reducing the operational cost. The problem is defined and dug deep so that the root cause can be known (root cause analysis). After the define phase, the measure and analyse phase comes which helps in analysing the problem through various regression techniques and tools. These phases are followed by improving the business process and controlling the state of the process. This methodology should be followed from time to time in order to have a viable and updated business process.

The duration of six sigma certification is generally 2 months which is followed by a test that one needs to pass in order to attain the certificate. It is a universally accepted course that helps in attaining a new and higher position in the corporate world. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification cost varies from one organization to another. The average price of this certificate ranges between 2000 INR to 20000 INR. One of the best institutes to go for this course is ISEL Global that helps you to get practical knowledge on the subject and hands-on experience on the practical project. So what are you waiting for? Apply today!

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