English Teaching: How to Succeed

English Teaching: How to Succeed

Are you looking for an English Tutor in Vancouver

Well Hudson Academy has some pros and cons for tutors, and how they can make more informed decisions. 

Consider becoming a one-to-one English tutor if you want to increase your salary or make your teaching schedule more flexible. 

You can reap great benefits from private tutoring. Learn the benefits and negatives of teaching English privately and see how to get started.

Ensure this role is a good fit for you before you begin teaching English one-on-one.

Decide whether you are willing to take on the additional responsibility of private teaching by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the position.

An Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language

Tutoring English has several advantages

Private English lessons have many benefits. Among these factors are the ability to work from home, the experience, and the earnings the job provides.


Individual instruction is scheduled around your schedule no matter what kind it is. Lessons can be delivered at your convenience, whether you are a full-time tutor or a side gig.


You must tailor private tutoring instruction to the student’s needs by its very nature. You’ll gain invaluable experience by differentiating instruction for a single student, continually identifying and adjusting to their learning styles and intelligences.


There is no doubt that if you work more hours you will earn more, however, some full-time tutors earn as much as teachers even with fewer hours worked. Private tutoring is always quite lucrative because there are many variables involved.

Tutoring English has disadvantages

The disadvantages of tutoring are also present. The challenges that come with teaching private lessons include travel, instability, and unpredictability.

Getting around

Multiplying clients is the norm for tutors. Your clients may be spread out depending on where you live and what you tutor. Traveling to the home of their students is a frequent activity for tutors. Tutoring might not be a good fit for you if this is an issue.


Work as a tutor fluctuates. When you are just starting out, you may not have a steady stream of work. You shouldn’t pursue private teaching if you are dependent on a steady income or a consistent schedule.

It’s unpredictable

Diverse clientele brings unpredictable results. There are always cancellations, plans change, and you need to work around your students’ schedules and their families as a tutor in order to remain a client. People who are not adaptable will not do well in this job.

How to Start Tutoring

You can start preparing for your first students once you’ve weighed the pros and cons of this role. A needs analysis will provide you with an understanding of what each of your clients needs in order to design instructional materials that meet their expectations. Your analysis will guide your lesson planning.

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