Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) When It Comes to Studying in Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) When It Comes to Studying in Abroad

You dreamed of studying abroad, then you work hard for it, get good grades but when it comes to plan your actual journey abroad and plan your future with the unknown people and at unknown places, well it’s a quite daunting task. But, there’s nothing to worry, now you have Education Counselling in Mumbai by IMFS which will help you to get all the essential information about your journey and make this journey easy and memorable for study abroad consultants.  

When you are planning the journey, there are various questions which keep making trouble to your mind and here is the top list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you should keep in mind when it comes to finally taking a leap to the decision to study abroad. 

The benefit of consulting with the study abroad consultants in Mumbai is that you can find all the information from who is eligible to study abroad, why study abroad, where you can get the best facilities and what are the options in courses and mainly about the fundings. how much does it cost, tips and scholarships and part-time internships?

Why study abroad?

Why am I doing this…? Is it really worth it..? Do I definitely wanna do it…? This will clear your mind and you will be clear with your goal that you need to achieve in upcoming years. There are definitely a myriad of reasons as to why I study abroad. The main reason to study abroad is a combination of good quality of education, new culture, better and improved resume, expanding employment prospects and widened mindset. To get a clear vision, choose a study abroad consultants in Mumbai by IMFS and grab hold of all the information.

Where can I study?

Well, if you are clear about the university and the place you areoing to then it’s best! Congratulations! But, if you are even 1%  confused about your future academy then you must go through the reviews and the experiences of the people who have graduated from that place. It is certainly not an easy task to choose one best place from junk. However, it all depends on many things such as your personal interests, the cost and lifestyle of the place and career prospects you choose. 

Will financial aid apply for tuition abroad?

The answer is Yes, you can always have options to choose scholarships based on your rank and financial status. You can enroll in the best university with the best education quality with the help of study abroad consultants in Mumbai and seek right information in regard to the same.

What is the essential documentation to carry?

IMFS suggests that, Carry it all and keep back ups also. 

The essential documentation required during the time of approval of application are

  1. Passport for identification
  2. A statement of purpose
  3. CV or Resume
  4. Academic references or the letter of recommendation
  5. Certificate of your Secondary Education
  6. English-language proficiency proof, usually includes, Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS certificate. 
  7. Test result admission i.e. GMAT or GRE for graduate programs.

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