Game-Based Learning Benefits: A Fun way To Learn New Things

Game-Based Learning Benefits: A Fun way To Learn New Things

Games the exciting part of everyone, what if the whole education system converts into millions of small games, puzzles or treasure hunt? Does student enjoy and want to learn and play more? 20th-century present game based e-learning is a new technique of e-learning that has already stepped into healthcare, aviation, and medical industry. Many organizations started using comic characters to represent any situation based learning.

When does the Indian government understand the learning strategies and how to make studies funnily? If the learning process is tedious and dulls how the student will get their interest. To develop skills in the student who will be the future engineer, scientist, or maybe a politician. The essential things are to explain things with vivid examples, or they could do on their using games. Learning in the 90s also means memorization, which is now changing bit by bit. Things like World of Warcraft or FAA approved fight stimulator have been used to train pilots. As the population of game players is increasing day by day all over the world, it could easily apply for learning. Games developed especially for learning can motivate problem-solving skills as well as self-learning at a great extent. There are many game based learning companies that are designing games as per teacher’s guidelines and school course or for general skills.

Some of the significant benefits of game-based learning could be:

Helps to boost confidence and self-learning

the biggest problem of the schools is to keep their student engaged and motivated. Because of low interest and motivation student starts dropping the school especially the urban children. Games are the best method that helps to build self-confidence by many features- pointer gaining at the end of the play, reach to the second level after covering first. Many games have incentive or reward based tasks and also demonstrates real-time scenarios that explain and teaches many things.

Gives option while learning

when the student has to decide what they want to learn that it up to their choice they are in active mode from a passive place. As soon as they feel responsible, they started asking the question, find some answers, and solve issues faster to reach up to the next level.

Non-cognitive skills

non-cognitive skills like- patience, self-control, perseverance, motivation is less considered in Indian schools, and these are equally important for every student. In multi-player games catering where various school and student get involved, represent their school. These are better than traditional classrooms, as here the student will learn how to manage in the group of strangers.

The student will know their potential

student will get to know where they stand in the crown of a thousand other students as these games have a vast audience. The learner may challenge the different learner and could beat them on various subjects, topic; thus both of them get to know their strength better.

Implementation of such games is not a tricky part, and there are many companies providing e-learning games. Even they could develop new games as per the school or college demands.

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