Learn How To Make Fascinating Games And Animation Movies With This Course in Animation Design!

Learn How To Make Fascinating Games And Animation Movies With This Course in Animation Design!

Animation design is art, but it is also a science that can be learnt. Of course, nothing is possible in design without an innate skill to create something new, something that not only has value but also gives the user something unique and fascinating! Animation Design is the art of creating design and special effects for different media with the use of specialised tools and software.

Animation is largely in demand mostly for cartoons, animated movies, TV shows, online games, video games, game apps and more! It is an industry that is ever-evolving in terms of requirements based on user demand and changing tastes of consumers as also the different influences in the gaming community.

This industry has great demand and that’s why a professional degree in this might be useful to further hone your skills and learn the necessary software and techniques in a more orderly and effective way. Bachelor of Design in Animation, i.e. BDes in Animation is a popular degree that can guide you to a great career in this field.

The course and eligibility criteria:

BDes in Animation is an undergraduate course in Animation and Multimedia and is 4 years long. It gives an in-depth knowledge of principles of design and the nuances of animation as well as filmmaking. Students who want to apply for this course need to have passed their 10+2/HSC or anu other equivalent board examination.

The subjects covered are:

• Design
• Drawing
• Painting
• Sculpture
• Visual Graphics
• Print Making
• Geometrical Drawing and Perspective
• History of Art
• Behavioural Science
• Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)
• English
• Aesthetics
• Communication Skills
• Photography
• Digital Imaging
• Book art
• Computer Animation
• Clay Modelling
• Script Writing
• Post Production Tools

A career in this field may look different for each and every person because of different software or tools, different platforms used or even different products made altogether. But one common thing is the teamwork that it takes, working with the creative team, the requirement from the client, the business aspects of it as well as the end product consumer. As an animation designer, one has certain duties and responsibilities such as-

• Creating storyboards to explain animation flow
• Using models to simulate the behaviour of characters
• Drawing images to be scanned into computer programs
• Participating in campaign designing
• Creating 2D or 3D images using software

These professionals get employed in advertising agencies, media and design houses, software publishers, PR firms, game companies, etc.

The author is a creative writer who is fascinated by design and related fields and writes passionately about them, guiding interested students. You can read up more on BDes in Animation and other design courses at it.edu.

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