GMAT Training in Pune Top GMAT Classes in Mumbai

GMAT Training in Pune Top GMAT Classes in Mumbai

Want to score good but don’t have enough time to achieve your goal…? Here’s the thing that you need.

GMAT preparation is one of the crucial preparations that I have ever come across. Students do not think about the time and the occasion when they are fully dedicated towards their goal. Many of the success stories do tell about the dedication they had towards their dreams. IMFS, top GMAT classes in Mumbai is one of the great places to take guidance about the exam. IMFS’s many students who have scored excellent in their GMAT scoresheet, have told us that continuous practice is the only thing that can lead you towards your dream score. But, have you ever heard about the crash course..? Students generally ask many times “how to prepare for GMAT in 2 ,months or 3 months…?” We believe that every student is different with unique talents and different grasping power. We at IMFS, GMAT training in pune, do not underestimate any student. general study plans are not efficient for each and every student so we believe in Personalised Study Plans. The amount of effort and study you do depends on whether you want to go from a 500 to 760 or 650 to 760. 

So, if you are planning to go for the 3 months study plan of GMAt, here are the study tips for you by IMFS, GMAT training in pune

Decide on your goal for Quant and Verbal scores

You must be thinking about the importance of setting a goal or target score. The answers for this are hidden in human tendency. When we dream high, we try to achieve the high but end up by getting near to it. So, dream big always. Do not go for the less score goal or do not take the score for granted. This can change your life.  

First it is  important to know your strengths and to determine this, take a diagnostic Test. A good diagnostic test will tell you the section in which you need to improve and will definitely help you to gain confidence and you will know your percentile scores in each section. Now you know the sections on which you need to work. The section in which you have done good and score good, you feel more confident about it and this helps to motivate yourself while studying.  So, do test yourself.

Estimate the amount of time you need

You only have 3 months and that’s why you need to be carefull with the time. Each student is different according to its commitment ability so, to go from a 500 something score to 760 will obviously require much higher time than to go from a 650+ score to 760. That’s why the goal setting is  important. So that you can decide your daily hours to study. For example, you have 150 hours then you need to plan and divide these 150 hours in the first two months i.e. 75 hours every month and you must stick to the plan. 

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