Hastily Enlarging E-Learning Industry in India

Hastily Enlarging E-Learning Industry in India

E-Learning has become a popular stage that is helping people to accomplish their dreams. It is assisting people across the boundaries that seemed to persist so long the day before. Owing various benefits like open courses and low-costs, is increasing rapidly in India and expected to keep increasing.

Key takeaways:

  • By recent survey India posses the second largest market of E-Learning
  • In India, E-Learning industry is flourishing with 17.4% of CAGR
  • Inadequacy of colleges can be the reason behind its expansion
  • MOOC s becomes likable among companies and institutions
  • Schools Approaching E-Learning as well

E-Learning is a way to learn online by implementing audio-visual methods, expositions and e-books. In this type of learning, courses on subjects and help is provided online and rest another things requires to be studied on the tool such as a computer or tablet. In some cases, it is demanded by faculties to submit assignments or projects by the device. They retrieve your assignments and allots you certificate based on them.

E-Learning facilitates you to learn the topics and contents as per your convenient time. Moreover, the possibility of economic reasons decreases and you can pursue your subject which you had missed because of societal pressure with E-Learning.

It sounds far too long, but this is actually what E-Learning is! Furthermore, in this age of rivalry E-Learning is in need.

Today, India owes second position across the world in the market of E-Learning. This implies that, it is going to be a tremendous revolution in the education sector. India has shown impressive growth in the field of E-learning in the last few years.

Secondly, India is supposed to achieve a CAGR of 17.4% in upcoming years of 2013-2018. According to Harman Sing, founder of online learning platform, “E-Learning in India is looking at promising growth because of rapid growth of the online education market.”

Additionally, lack of efficient colleges is also one key reason for turning towards online learning. Research says that, there is a scarcity of 250 million proficient workers by 20224. E-learning helps to manage this issue. Moreover, in India is facing a insufficiency of colleges and schools that is why number of potential students far extinguish the total number of college seats. This situation leads to increase the market of E-Learning.

MOOC is one essential aspect to play a role by growing E-learning system. Today it is adopted bya number of institutes and companies. Many companies and organizations use these services to train those people who want to be a member of their organization. At present, 7% of companies utilize this service in corporate training this figure is expected to reach up to 28% in upcoming years. As per Sandler Research, the global MOOC market is supposed to boost by a CAGR of 56.61% from 2014 to 2018.

Above all these, E-learning is also developing in schools. Online syllabus and contents assist teachers as well as students to stay updated with latest courses.

There are many more advantages of E-learning such as:

  1. Connectivity with various new and latest courses
  2. Cost- effective
  3. Without consideration of particular time
  4. Easily attainable
  5. Synergic leaning through discussion forums

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