How is an Online Learning Platform Beneficial For Teachers And Institutions?

How is an Online Learning Platform Beneficial For Teachers And Institutions?

Various online platforms are exhibiting online classes with the help of teachers. Due to disrupted learning processes during the pandemic, e-learning platforms became a great way to establish interaction between teachers, students, parents, and institutions. Apart from this, the online learning method comprehends many preparations and technologies for a smooth learning process. Also, many schools, universities, and tuition centres are adapting to online classes to help educators and students reform their teaching and learning approaches.

How it helps the teachers-

1. Preparing Grade Reports and Score Cards

Digital Learning Platform generates grade reports and scorecards automatically without the teacher’s involvement.

2. Daily Attendance

Furthermore, the technology used in the online learning platform helps in tracking the student’s attendance, absences. Eventually, a teacher does not need to take attendance by calling each student’s name.

3. Child Performance Graphs

It always monitors student’s performance graphs from quizzes, assessments, skill development tests, etc.

4. Skill Building and Performance Evaluation

On online platforms, they evaluate the performances of each student through tests, quizzes, etc.

5. Exam Revision and Preparation

They save the lectures of the teachers on the platform for a lifetime. Moreover, students can watch the video class anytime and many times when they want.

6. Auto Updated Quizzes and Assessments

Students can take part in quizzes and self-assessment tests. Thus, teachers can stay updated on the preparation of students in each subject.

7. Preloaded 2D-3D Contents

Students get important content, study materials, notes on e-learning platforms. Every time, the teacher does not need to dictate the notes.

How it helps in Institution Management-

1. Exam Portals

The paperless examination is another beneficial product of online learning. Students’ login into the exam portals and start giving exams. Whereas the conventional method of examination used to take a huge time to take attendance, write the name, roll numbers, and give margins on all the pages. Eventually, writing exams in the papers created prodigious paper misuse. In addition, correcting the copies also used to take a huge time. But here, answers are saved in the portal, and marks are announced in the portal quickly.

2. Auto-Generated Report Cards

Similarly, report cards are also auto-generated on the platforms. But, again, this involves no efforts of the class teachers or subject teachers. The institution does not need to conduct any parent-teacher meetings for the distribution of the report cards.

3. Parent Satisfaction

Above all, parents get all the information about the student from the student portal. Student’s performance, class records, assessment records, and teacher remarks are stored in the student portal. Parents can access the information and can connect with the teachers to solve the problem.

Thus, all the benefits of the digital learning platform explain it is the next generation pedagogy with technology integration. Without a doubt, it is helpful for every stakeholder like- teachers, students, parents, and institutions.

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