How Mobile Apps are Useful in Education Sector?

How Mobile Apps are Useful in Education Sector?

Today, we know technology is acquired in many fields still in the education sector it is in its infancy stage. Mobile Apps provide tremendous advantages in the education sector. Here we will understand about the requirement of school mobile apps in educational institutions. Today, 60% teachers use mobiles and tablets to enhance their teaching style. Moreover, 65% parents motivate mobile app to improve their child’s education.

How mobile apps are beneficial in the educational institutions?

Though education motivates technology enhancement, but the exertion of technology for development of education modulation has been in an emerging stage. Many schools are still using ancient systems, in this digital era. Educational institutes need to opt school mobile apps not only no merely to look smart but to really conduct smart. Mobile apps draw to better, more economical and smarter communication and negotiations applicable. Mobile apps provide personalized as well as custom based learning, content delivery, feedback, enhancing quality of learning and so on.

Which types of educational institutes are eligible for adopting mobile apps?

Each and every kind of institute can and should use mobile apps such as schools, colleges, universities, tuition classes and coaching centers. There are no limitations for the number of students to acquire an app.

Basic elements must be in a good mobile app

There is no limitation for features in a mobile app even following must have,

  • Bidirectional messaging system by which educators and parents or students interact.
  • Capacity to share homework or other notes such as exam schedules and circulars.
  • Send attendance statement regarding students’ absences.
  • Facility to create events’ and holidays’ detailed chart.
  • Gallery for sharing images and videos with other students.
  • Fees payment app through multiple online means.

How Orataro is distinct from other platforms for providing technology?

  1. At the very first, the ORATARO is fully free for educational institutes, schools as well as colleges. Furthermore, we ensure our clients that the current offering will persist free forever.
  2. We present some value-added services with a very nominal charge.
  3. It is eminently simple in understanding and application.
  4. It assists to any educational institutes whether it may be school, college, university, coaching center or hobby classes.
  5. It provides an online payment facility.
How is Orataro helping students, tutors and parents?
  1. Reduces connection cost and staff time up to 85%.
  2. Upgrade your brand image and greater brand perceptibility.
  3. Students can share assignments, learning videos and images with each-other.
  4. Entire evaluation trails on what was communicated and when during teaching class.
  5. Extensive materials archive is created in a safe cloud.
  6. Easily available from anywhere and anytime.
  7. Eco-friendly, to help the environment.
Why Orataro beneficial for students and parents?
  1. Access all conversation happened in schools even when students are absent.
  2. Access all details in just one repository.
  3. Easily Approach to all images and videos shared by teachers.
  4. Apply regarding leave via mobile app.
  5. Parents can make fees payment by e-banking and mobile wallets.
  6. Parents can get schedule about events and exams in advance and register for them.

Thus, by approaching the ORATARO platform you provide your child an advance learning system.

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