How School Websites and School Mobile Apps are Distinct from Each-Other?

How School Websites and School Mobile Apps are Distinct from Each-Other?

In this age of the internet, both website and school mobile app have their own distinction. Website is appropriate for showing static and collective data for everybody. While School Mobile App entitles the school to reach out to parents more adequately with user developed dynamic data. 73% teachers access digital content from their handheld mobile devices. 65% students can demonstrate in ways they cannot without technology.

How the school website is significantly different from school mobile app is you will understand from below key factors:

Correspondence between parents and teachers

Obviously the school website renders informative data to parents about school background and archives. Howbeit, mobile app aid parents to be connected with teachers and school management within no time. Mobile app is an eminent way for parents to interact with schools.

Input into students’ learning

The school website is gainful only for those parents who are in search for a prospective school for their children and that is why do not make actual involvement in children’s education. Whereas school mobile app is helpful for present student’s parents connecting them with actual time updated regarding attendance and extra-activities of school, homework, fee deposition and so on. School mobile apps accelerate the parents to engage in the learning process of their child and perceive it’s distinctive.


The information on a school website is accessible for everybody who is on the webpage. It is extensive and common data about the school therefore people across the world can read it. On the other hand, school mobile apps are highly subjective and designed with a purpose of bringing parents closer to the teacher to enhance their child’s education. It has student’s accounts and only obtains with the help of ID and password.

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