How To Achieve Excellent Results In Cbse Board Exams

How To Achieve Excellent Results In Cbse Board Exams

The board exams for grades 10 and 12 are approaching quickly, and the following few months will be crucial in your preparation. It’s challenging enough to prepare for a test that is considered one of the most significant in your life. Board exams are likely to be the first of many challenges you will encounter as a child, among many more you may encounter later in life.

However, even with only one month of preparation, you can easily achieve a score of 90 or above. And you only have a short window of opportunity to prepare.

  • Manage your Time:

When you’re working with a restricted amount of time, the primary priority should be time management. Time management is directly proportional to success. Make sure you give each subject the attention it deserves, based on your level of competence and the syllabus’s scope.

One option to organise your studies is to start studying for exams in reverse order, starting with the most recent exam and working your way up to the first exam about a week before the exam date.

  • Examine your textbooks thoroughly:

It’s a terrible and exhausting study strategy to build notions without first learning the fundamentals. Schools in Sohna use textbooks to teach in-depth knowledge of the principles, and once a student has this information, he can solve problems in other reference books with ease.

There’s a minuscule chance you’ll be asked a question not found in your textbooks. Make sure you’re familiar with all of the concepts and topics in your textbook. As a result, the private schools in Sohna pay close attention to every element in the text.

  • Taking regular breaks is important:

It’s best to study for two hours straight. Every two hours can be divided into one-hour segments with a 10-minute break in between. While on ‘vacation,’ keep any exam-related thoughts or worry out of your mind. Your mind is not on a break if you spend your break time to debate the curriculum with pals or plan your next round of studying. The next session of studying will be less fruitful if your mind does not relax.

  • A shift from one subject to the next:

Nobody appreciates sitting in front of a book for six hours straight to learn math. To avoid growing bored too quickly, give yourself a range of subjects to work on each day.

Don’t try to jam too many simple subjects/topics into one day, and don’t overload yourself with difficult issues. Start with an easy subject or topic for an hour or so to get yourself warmed up, then move on to a more challenging subject or topic once you’ve warmed up.

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